HealthLeaders Media IT - June 16, 2009 | Meaningful Use: Defined by HIT Policy Committee
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Meaningful Use: Defined by HIT Policy Committee
Carrie Vaughan, Technology Editor

The IT community is one step closer to a definition of "meaningful use" of electronic health records since HIT Policy Committee made its recommendations today to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. I've spoken to several industry executives to get their thoughts on the phrase that has caused confusion, criticism, and alarm. Here are some excerpts from those conversations. [Read More]
June 16, 2009
Editor's Picks
New Jersey bill would ban health IT not certified by CCHIT
New Jersey lawmakers are considering a bill that would effectively ban the sale and use of health IT products that don't have CCHIT certification. Under the legislation, anyone caught selling such a product could be fined up to $5,000 per violation. I bet health IT executives in the other 49 states are breathing a sigh of relief that they don't live in New Jersey right now. The bill has certainly garnered a lot of response. Here's one blogger's reaction. [Read More]

Four HIPAA and HITECH Topics to Tackle Now
Just because HHS hasn't released new HIPAA regulations since its draft guidance on April 17 does not mean that healthcare organizations should sit idle. Major regulations on personal health records and unsecure personal health information will be announced in August. My colleague, Dom Nicastro, highlights four areas of HIPAA and the HITECH Act that organizations can already be addressing. [Read More]

Health Information Exchange Will Allow Patients to Share Medical Information
Rhode Island is launching a statewide health information exchange called "currentcare" with a $5 million federal grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Here is an article by my colleague, Lisa Eramo, that offers more specifics about the program. For example, patients not only choose whether to participate in currentcare, but they also control which providers have access to their information as well as in what scenarios. [Read More]

Prediction: Mobile fitness applications and video games will link to EMRs
There are numerous technology applications that track fitness data via cell phones and web applications. There are also Wii Fitness video games like EA Sports Active. So how long will it take for mobile fitness tracking and video games to be integrated with electronic medical records? It may be sooner than you think, according to this article. There are already programs like Adidas AG's miCoach that can relay coaching advice via earbuds on a Samsung phone, telling runners to push harder or ease up based on pace and heart rate. Ben Sawyer, co-founder of Portland, ME-based serious game development studio Digitalmill Inc. says the "ultimate customization is a video game that you just turn on and it goes, 'Hey, Ben, I noticed your doctor would like you to eat less trans-fatty-whatever.'" [Read More]
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University of Miami tests online monitoring, advice for diabetics
Miami Herald - June 16, 2009

'Remote presence robot' doctor roaming halls at Texas hospital
Lufkin Daily News - June 16, 2009
Events & Product News
AMA and Microsoft Collaboration to enhance patient-physician communication

U.S. Oncology launches oncology-specific EHR

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