HealthLeaders Media Community and Rural Hospital Weekly - June 10, 2009
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Rural Ethics in Healthcare: Are They Different? Should They Be?
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
Are doctors and hospitals in rural settings expected to uphold the same strict code of ethics as their urban counterparts? Are the situations always comparable? Or are rural issues and circumstances so variable and vulnerable that a different, perhaps more lenient, standard is okay? A recently published book attempts to explore those and many other questions in 12 compelling essays. [Read More]
June 10, 2009
Editor's Picks

Poorer Care for The Poor
Two federal reports suggest that socio economic factors and race as well as urban versus rural residence may affect the quality of medical care. HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius says health reform is the answer. [Read More]

Nurses on TV
Depictions may help and hurt the Florence Nightingale standard. Nurses aren't just lackeys to doctors, but perform essential, life-saving functions. [Read More]

Sim City
Sophisticated mannequins can help teach, not just how to operate or treat, but how to be safe. At Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, the simulators have their own medical training suite. [Read More]

Health Plan Tax?
Employer-sponsored health plan premiums may be taxed to generate funding for universal care. The current rules may favor the more affluent by helping subsidize more expensive plans. Partially taxing payroll deductions for health plan payments may be part of the solution. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

RACs: Self Assessment and Aggressive Appeals Are Key
Reimbursement investigations will likely be pursued in numbers and with a tenacity not previously seen in the Part B Medicare program. Data from the demonstration project shows that while very few providers appealed, those that did saw a high percentage of wins. An aggressive appeals stance on the part of providers, therefore, will likely emerge as a significant deterrent against marginal investigations as the program matures. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

Hospitals put the squeeze on infection prevention efforts
Wall Street Journal ? June 10, 2009
Healthcare spending disparities stir a fight
New York Times ? June 9, 2009
If all doctors had more time to listen
New York Times ? June 8, 2009
Health clinics inside drugstores treating more ailments
Chicago Tribune ? June 5, 2009

Webcasts/Audio Conferences

Service Line Strategies Workshop 2009: Spine Care (Live)
HIPAA Changes: New Compliance Strategies for New Marketing Models (Live)
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Cash for Computers
With an incentive to invest in IT and EMRs, healthcare executives need to determine if this offer is the kind of help that they are prepared to accept. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Simpler Surgeries, Complex Market
Technological advances have impact beyond the OR, affecting market trends and hospital-physician alignment. [Read More]
Community Call
Discussion Board
Are doctors and hospitals in rural settings expected to uphold the same strict code of ethics as their urban counterparts?
Audio Feature
Revenue Cycle Overhaul: With a deteriorating cash position, Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie, WY, recently completed an overhaul of its revenue cycle, dropping its net AR from 90 to 61 days. Karl Vilums, CFO, says Ivinson also saw a 193% ROI on the project, which translates to $4.6 million. [Listen Now]
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