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Private Insurers: Give Us the Medicaid Drug Rebate, Too
Les Masterson, Senior Editor-Managed Care

Private health insurance leaders are pushing Congress to allow insurers to benefit from the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, which lets states pay less for drugs in their Medicaid program. There are two reasons behind the insurers' plea: a desire to improve the bottom line and a need to improve care coordination. [Read More]
  June 3, 2009

Editor's Picks
Three Issues Health Insurers Face as AHIP Kicks Off
Sure, the public insurance option is a topic on the minds of most health insurance executives, but there are other more immediate issues that insurers face, including declining membership and perceptions about insurance costs. One major health insurer is losing 0.5% of its membership every month and most people believe health plan overhead is driving healthcare costs. Many insurers are concerned about a public plan, but an immediate problem for them is how to retain members who are losing employer-based coverage. [Read More]
UnitedHealth Tells Medicare How to Look for More Savings
UnitedHealth Group said Medicare could save roughly $540 billion over the next decade if they followed many of the insurer's cost-saving programs and methods. The paper lists 15 suggestions for lowering the growth of health costs and comes just two weeks after an agreement among several health industry groups, including America's Health Insurance Plans, the American Medical Association, and the American Hospital Association, to find ways to reduce cost growth in the health sector by $2 trillion over 10 years. [Read More]
Targeted Tax Hikes Would Raise Billions for Health Reforms
Three studies released by the Centers for Budget and Policy Priorities say that billions of dollars could be generated to help pay for healthcare reform by raising taxes on alcohol and high-sugar soft drinks, and rolling back or eliminating healthcare flexible spending accounts. The CBPP studies did not have an estimate for the revenue that would be generated by the FSA rollback or elimination, but a penny-per-ounce tax on soft drinks laced with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup could raise $10 billion a year, while increasing the excise tax on alcohol could raise between $27 billion and $100 billion over 10 years, according to the studies. [Read More]
Insurers' role key to health system overhaul, CBO says
A government mandate that requires Americans to buy health insurance would not be considered a new form as taxation as long as people had the ability to choose between private plans and a public option, according to a Congressional Budget Office report. This is a vastly different view from the healthcare reform effort during the Clinton administration and should serve as a major talking point for the health insurance industry. [Read More]
Rescission policies a hot topic in California
The epicenter of the rescission debate has been California so it's no surprise that the state is looking to curb them. California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner plans to unveil proposed regulations today that would require insurers to write applications for coverage in clear language, allow applicants to check a "not sure" box about their preexisting conditions, and bar insurers from dropping a member if the companies did not thoroughly investigate an applicant's medical history before issuing a policy. Meanwhile, also in California, a judge ruled in mid-trial that Blue Shield of California had acted properly in canceling the health insurance policy of a member after he was seriously injured in a car accident. It's the first verdict stemming from the spate of rescissions that have enraged consumer activists and led to regulatory enforcement by the state. To complete the rescission trifecta in California, Health Net has agreed to pay California hospitals at least $1.95 million for care delivered to patients whom the insurer later dropped. [Read More]
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Mass Healthcare Reform's Success Comes From 'Shared Responsibility'
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Aetna site hacked; 65,000 to receive credit monitoring
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Massachusetts bill seeks health insurance option for firms
Boston Globe - June 1, 2009

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How care management programs can improve outcomes, ROI: Solucia June 09 Webinar Series

Health Forum
Making Consumer Incentives Work in a Care Management Program

Consumer incentives are often thrown around as healthcare panacea. Send out a few gift cards and watch program enrollment increase as members lose weight, quit smoking, and generally improve their health as bad habits are eliminated. However, the incentive isn't a silver bullet. [Read More]
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Recession Provides 'Teachable Moment' for Wellness

If we are going to alleviate some of the staggering healthcare costs associated with a large and aging workforce, we have to correct many of the poor lifestyle choices we've made over the last few decades. [Read More]
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