HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - May 20, 2009 | Nasty or Nice: How Do You Grow Market Share?
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Nasty or Nice: How
Do You Grow Market Share?

Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

The first time I read an article in the mainstream press in which two hospital CEOs were waging a very public battle over market turf, I was surprised. Then I started to see a lot more of these stories, and heard about hospitals that were getting downright aggressive in their marketing efforts. So what's more important, a hospital's reputation and image? Or grabbing as much market share by any means necessary? [Read More]
  May 20, 2009

Editor's Picks
New Jersey hospitals take the latex gloves off
Though the feuds on Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey are starting to heat up, it's another Garden State spat that's making headlines lately—and it's not pretty. Cooper Health System sued nearby Virtua Health in February, claiming that Virtua's "top docs" ads were misleading. Now Deborah Heart & Lung Centre is also suing the hospital, alleging that Virtua Memorial Hospital Burlington County and a group of cardiologists who practice there badmouthed Deborah in an attempt to stop heart patients from transferring there, according to this article on The complaint accuses Virtua and the four doctors of unfair competition, slander, and "scare tactics." Suggestion to Bravo execs: The Real Hospitals of New Jersey. [Read More]
Putting off your awards entry 'till tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is today.
I'm a big proponent of procrastination. I believe that work expands to fit the time you have to spend on it. And "works well on deadline" is standard line on reporters' resumes, including mine. So if you've been putting off preparing your entry for the 2009 HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, it's time to start working well under the submission deadline for the awards, which is May 29 (and we won't be extending it). I probably shouldn't tell you this, as it might prompt you to put off the task just one more day, but to be technical about it, your entries must be postmarked by May 29. I wonder how many of you will be running down to the post office or running after the FedEx truck at the end of the day one week from Friday. (That's right—one week from Friday!) [Learn More]
Using CSR to stage experiences, tell stories about your brand
Diana Verde Nieto, CEO of the Clownfish consultancy in London, writes about ways that companies are staging experiences and telling stories for their customers in this Media Post article. The ideas—such as a smoothie company that holds an annual festival with a healthy living theme—could easily translate into healthcare, especially for nonprofit hospitals in light of new 990H tax rules. The benefits of using corporate social responsibility as part of branded content are endless, she writes. Foremost it helps to build a brand's reputation and is a point of differentiation. "It also encourages consumer interest and helps to build consumer trust and loyalty. If consumers see that brands are addressing the issues that are important to them, it follows that they are likely to continue to buy their products." [Read More]
Does that knee replacement come with free drinks?
I would consider having a medical procedure in an exotic locale so long as I was sure the quality was on par with hospitals stateside and as long as I would be able to recuperate on a hammock by the beach. It turns out I'm not alone: A new Gallup Poll finds that many Americans—particularly the uninsured—are willing to travel abroad for major medical procedures, especially if they believe the quality of care would be the same, but significantly cheaper, than care in the United States. No word on how sunshine, white sandy beaches, and fruity drinks with colorful little umbrellas play into healthcare consumers' decisions to travel for medical care. [Read More]
Editor's Note
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, have a safe Memorial Day holiday. HealthLeaders Media Marketing will take next week off, but will return with a new issue June 3.
Campaign Spotlight
Campaign Spotlight: Bills Lineman Tackles Cardiac PR
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Derrick Dockery, a 330-pound offensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills football team, stands dressed in full uniform holding his helmet under one arm. But instead of wearing his usual game-face grimace, Dockery is smiling. Next to his image, the ad reads, "I protect the quarterback . . . you protect your heart!" The ad promotes Buffalo (NY) General Hospital's Chest Pain Center, a program Dockery has promoted since December 2008. [Read More]
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Fox Chase Cancer Center Case Study: Digital Signage Positively Impacts Care, Vericom.
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Cash for Computers

With an 11-figure incentive to invest in information technology and electronic medical records, healthcare executives need to determine if this offer from Uncle Sam is the kind of help that they are prepared to accept. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Simpler Surgeries, Complex Market

Technological advances have impact beyond the OR, affecting market trends and hospital-physician alignment. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Recruitment Revs as Auto Industry Stalls: The normally bumpy road that is physician recruitment and retention can become pothole-riddled when the local economy turns sour. Now imagine your hospital is about 80 miles from Detroit. As the economy?and the auto industry?struggles, the healthcare environment is rapidly changing for Michigan hospitals, health systems, and physicians. However, Jackson's Allegiance Health has continued to employ successful physician recruitment, relations, and retention tactics even as the numbers of unemployed and, subsequently, the uninsured continue to climb. [Read More]
Audio Feature

There has been a shift in the market with smaller hospitals completing acquisition deals. John Reiboldt, of the Coker Group, discusses the market conditions and what it takes to make a purchase these days. [Listen Now]
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