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Can Medical Homes Live Up to Their Lofty Expectations?
Janice Simmons, Senior Editor
Last month, it was reported that many lawmakers on Capitol Hill—who were "intent on containing the nation's spiraling health costs" while drafting healthcare reform legislation—were promoting the "medical home" approach to providing quality healthcare. So, has its time finally come?or not? [Read More]
May 14, 2009
Editor's Picks

Hospital Program Quiets NICU to Keep Infants Safe
For babies born prematurely, even the noise generated from a normal conversation can be too loud for proper development. Mothers who give birth to premature babies at The Women's Hospital in Newburgh, IN, however, need not worry about the noise level in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit. [Read More]

Doctors Bristle at Proposed Physician Wellness Program
Some California physicians are already calling the idea "naive," "worthless," and "another unfunded mandate." But if the president of the Medical Board of California has his way, all practicing physicians in the state, as well as medical school students, will enroll in certified wellness programs, perhaps as a condition of licensure. [Read More]

Study: Health Insurance Too Expensive for Many
Most families who aren't covered under an employer-based health plan can't afford to buy health insurance on their own, a new study by HHS' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality shows. [Read More]

Staff shortages in labs may put patients at risk
The swine-flu outbreak has focused a spotlight on a shortage of technicians to run critical lab tests. Like the growing shortages of primary-care physicians and nurses, the shrinking ranks of skilled lab workers pose a potential threat to the safety and quality of healthcare, medical experts warn. Hospitals say it currently can take as much as a year to fill some job openings, and the American Society for Clinical Pathology says average job-vacancy rates currently top 50% in some states. [Read More]
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Fox Chase Cancer Center Case Study: Digital Signage Positively Impacts Care, Vericom.
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Cash for Computers
With an incentive to invest in IT, executives need to determine if this offer is the kind of help that they are prepared to accept. [Read More]  

Service Line Management
Simpler Surgeries, Complex Market
Technological advances have impact beyond the OR, affecting market trends and hospital-physician alignment. [Read More]

Leaders Forum
New Leadership Needed to Tackle Healthcare's Adaptive Challenges: Most would agree that deep systemic change is needed in healthcare, but many of the key parties behave as though they want their part in the current system to continue, says contributor Kristin von Donop. [Read More]
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Lenders Trace a Solid Line to Washington: With angst wrapped around healthcare reform, Kevin Lavender, the head of Fifth Third Bank's national healthcare practice, discusses how lenders are paying closer attention to hospital management teams. [Listen Now]
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