HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - May 13, 2009 | Hospitals Increasing Focus on Patient Satisfaction, but Many Questions Remain
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Hospitals Increasing Focus on Patient Satisfaction, but Questions Remain
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Patient satisfaction and patient experience are hot right now. Part of reason is the government's focus on patients' own perceptions of the care they receive, measured through the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey (HCAHPS). The public and press have easy access to the results. And because they're standardized, it's easy to see who's doing well—and who's not. And no one wants to be in the latter category. [Read More]
  May 13, 2009

Editor's Picks
Six steps to more effective print ads
The healthcare marketing world is hyper-focused on new media and online advertising these days—and rightfully so—but it never hurts to refresh your knowledge of the basics. This Fast Company blog post by Kathy McCoy lays out the basics for any organization that creates its own print ads for newspapers, magazines, and the phone book. Tip number three is especially important: "Symmetry may be a desirable feature of the human body, but it's an effectiveness-killer in a print ad. A perfectly symmetrical ad is boring and static to look at." Black and white ads are blasé enough as it is—marketers need to get creative with the design to attract consumer eyes to the space and keep them there. [Read More]
Is there room for one more?
How big is the market for cancer care in Arizona? Big enough to support established heavyweights—Mayo Clinic Arizona, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Arizona Cancer Center, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America—plus one more: Banner Health and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center recently announced plans to build a $90 million cancer hospital and clinic in the state's East Valley. The competition will be friendly, though, promises Suzanne Pfister, vice president of health affairs for St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. The state's need for higher level of quality care outweighs any turf battles that may emerge. "This is a big enough market," Pfister told the Arizona Republic. "Even though we are competitors, we are still very collaborative." [Read More]
Paper, plastic, or physical exam?
Hospitals are increasingly going head-to-head with those pesky upstart clinics in drugstores and supermarkets such as CVS. Many doctors still don't like them, but hospitals see the clinics as a way to reach more patients and expand their business. The clinics have a marketing benefit—helping hospitals establish relationships with customers who may eventually need more lucrative in-hospital care, the article notes. Consumers who use the clinics are often "exactly the customers that hospitals want—women of child-bearing age," Margaret Laws, a policy expert at the California Health Care Foundation tells the New York Times. "The hospitals want to deliver babies." [Read More]
Mark Etting Has a Very Serious Message for You
Have you been following the case of the missing healthcare marketer on Detective Mark Etting has been searching for a missing marketing VP in this year's campaign for the 2009 HealthLeaders Media marketing awards program. It might be hard to take detective Etting seriously: He is, after all, a cartoon whose name is a not-so-subtle pun. But he has a very, very serious message for you: Get your entry in soon to get the credit you deserve for the great work you did in 2008. The deadline is to enter is May 29. Meanwhile, what do you suppose we should call the missing VP? My vote is for Rita O'Investment. [Learn More]
Campaign Spotlight
A Staff-Powered Campaign
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Marketers at Fauquier Health in Warrenton, VA, knew they needed to advertise their organization's emphasis on personalized care to gain market share, but there was one problem: The hospital's patient experience was not up to par. So the staff began implementing experience improvements first so they could live up to their brand promise once the advertising campaign launched. [Read More]
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Fox Chase Cancer Center Case Study: Digital Signage Positively Impacts Care, Vericom.
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Jump . . . or Get Pushed

The tough decisions you don't want to make now—but may have to. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Redefining Cardio

The cardiovascular service line remains a dependable revenue generator for many hospitals across the country. But a shifting market full of new options for patients means organizations must find ways to differentiate themselves to keep it that way. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Recruitment Revs as Auto Industry Stalls: The normally bumpy road that is physician recruitment and retention can become pothole-riddled when the local economy turns sour. Now imagine your hospital is about 80 miles from Detroit. As the economy?and the auto industry?struggles, the healthcare environment is rapidly changing for Michigan hospitals, health systems, and physicians. However, Jackson's Allegiance Health has continued to employ successful physician recruitment, relations, and retention tactics even as the numbers of unemployed and, subsequently, the uninsured continue to climb. [Read More]
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Peggy Naas, MD, discusses various ways to structure service lines that partner with physicians rather than direct them as in a traditional employer/employee relationship. [Listen Now]
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