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Five Things Health Insurers, DM
Need to Know About HITECH

Les Masterson, Senior Editor-Managed Care

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act will bring changes to personal health information regulation and enforcement. Managed care companies need to prepare for the regulations that go into effect in February 2010. [Read More]
  March 25, 2009

Editor's Picks
Blumenthal Spearheads Health IT Reform
In naming David Blumenthal, MD, MPP, as his national coordinator for health IT, President Obama has selected someone with healthcare and policy experience to lead the IT effort. Blumenthal will oversee $19 billion in health IT funds, including about $17 billion in incentive payments for providers who adopt electronic health records. Blumenthal won't have time to ease into the role. According to the stimulus bill, standards and specifications for the health IT portion of the bill are expected by the end of this year. [Read More]
Medical Advantage Cuts Will Increase Premiums, Force Millions Out of Program
A Blue Cross Blue Shield Association official says that proposed Medicare Advantage cuts and subsequent premium increases could force millions of seniors into traditional Medicare plans without care coordination and would shift more costs onto beneficiaries. BCBSA, which covers 1.6 million Medicare Advantage enrollees in 42 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, said the Obama administration's proposed 5% Medicare Advantage payment cuts to private insurers could increase beneficiary premiums by $50-$80 per month. CMS will make its final decision on rates by April 6. [Read More]
House Dems set deadline for healthcare compromise
Democrats have a message for Republicans: you have until September to come up with a compromise healthcare reform plan. If Republicans don't step forward, House Democrats say they will barrel ahead with their own proposal through budget reconciliation, which is a shortcut that allows lawmakers to push a filibuster-proof bill through Congress. Needless to say, Republicans are not keen on the idea of the Democrats ramming a bill through Congress. Though it could be seen as a wise procedural strategy, budget reconciliation would sever any chance for a bipartisan healthcare reform bill. [Read More]
Bill would make insurers cover pre-existing conditions
In a move to protect the 133 million Americans with at least one chronic illness, a Democratic Senator filed a bill that would forbid health insurers from excluding people with pre-existing conditions. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who filed the bill, hopes the legislation is part of a larger healthcare reform plan this year. In its healthcare reform proposal, America's Health Insurance Plans agreed to stop using pre-existing conditions as a reason to not cover people or charge them more for their coverage if lawmakers include an individual mandate that requires all Americans have health insurance as part of a reform package. [Read More]
Michigan Blues offer agents incentive to sign up healthier members
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is offering commissions of up to 20% to insurance agents who enroll consumers "with no major ongoing health conditions" in a new line of individual insurance plans. Agents who sell policies to "high-risk" consumers earn a commission of only 1% to 2%. The insurer's aim is to bring in younger and healthier members to balance the costs of covering sicker customers and to compensate insurance agents similar to other private insurers, according to the company. Needless to say, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is not happy about the commissions and said the move conflicts with the company's mission as the state's insurer of last resort, which requires it covers all Michigan residents. Cox said his office will investigate whether the commissions comply with state law. [Read More]
Are You a Top Leadership Team?
HealthLeaders Media is gearing up for its fifth year of the Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare program. Health insurers with varied specialties have won the Health Plan portion of the contest over the past three years, including Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Erickson Advantage, and CareSource Management Group. If you think your organization has an outstanding teamwork story to share, submit your entry today.
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