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Don't Let Bailouts, Economy Erode Your Hospital's Reputation
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

The healthcare industry might not be getting Federal bailout money or handing out executive bonuses or booking Cheryl Crow to sing at Hollywood fêtes, but Americans are angry at businesses, industries, and institutions. And if you're not careful, they might start to look at your hospital or health system with the same critical, distrustful eye. [Read More]
  March 18, 2009

Editor's Picks
Marketers: Are you ready for the end of the recession?
Get ready for the recovery, baby. It might sound optimistic now, but your organization must be prepared to pounce when the market comes back. (It is coming back, right?) John Quelch has seven recommendations for marketers looking to plan ahead, from focusing on high-potential customers to assessing your target customers' trust in your brand to knowing your lead indicators. [Read More]
Consumers and the recovery
Consumers who are cutting back on expenses now may continue to do so even after an economic recovery. In response, businesses should be cutting advertising budgets now, Nick Brien, a senior executive of ad firm Interpublic Group, tells Reuters. He predicts the drop in consumer spending will force companies to adjust by cutting global advertising expenditures by 10%-15% this year. In the United States, ad budgets could be down 20%, although spending on marketing, like special promotions or public relations, should hold up better, he said. [Read More]
Florida competitors conspire to lure patients from other markets
In Florida, competitors are collaborating to attract attention from patients around the country. The seaside community of Jacksonville is branding itself as "America's Health Center" in a marketing initiative launched by Visit Jacksonville, the city's convention and visitors bureau. The goal: to position Jacksonville as a destination for healthcare services and medical-related meetings and businesses. [Read More]
Are You a Top Leadership Team?
Are you part of your organization's leadership team? HealthLeaders Media is gearing up for its fifth year of the Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare program—and I hope to see more marketers in Chicago this October at HealthLeaders Media '09: The Hospital of the Future Now. Why? Because progressive organizations need progressive marketing teams. If you and your organization have an outstanding teamwork story to share, go to the Top Leadership Teams site to learn more about the six categories, download an entry form, and submit your entry. The deadline to submit is April 29. [Learn More]
Campaign Spotlight
Catholic Healthcare West: Think Fast!
Click to view PDF version.
The name of the game for many of today's consumers is fast. But, of course, they also want quality. When it comes to the ER, patients and consumers have those needs in common. A recent campaign from Catholic Healthcare West, a system with facilities throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada, managed to successfully marry the two concepts in an interesting and unique way. [Read More]
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SOS: Public Hospitals

On the brink even during good economic times, many public hospitals are operating in technical insolvency amid a painful recession. But they can take heart from following the example of two that have managed well. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Beyond Obstetrics

A changing female demographic has created new opportunities for hospitals to grow the women's health service line into much more than just labor and delivery. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Make Your Marketing Budget Work Harder With a Virtual Agency: In this economy, healthcare marketers are watching their budgets more closely than ever. In response, marketers are finding that they can achieve great creative work and get more for their money by creating their own virtual agency. [Read More]
Audio Features

Barry Arbuckle, president and CEO of MemorialCare Medical Centers in Long Beach, CA, is one of three C-suite leaders who joined us for the webcast: Solving Your Nurse Shortage: Long-term strategies that work. In this audio clip, he outlines successful cost-saving solutions to the shortage of nurses and nurse leaders. [Listen Now]
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