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The Other Kind of Quality Costs
Jay Moore, managing editor, HealthLeaders Media
As clinicians, executives, scholars, and everyone else under the healthcare sun debate the merits of the healthcare IT component of the stimulus package, there's been considerable talk about the costs of quality improvement. But the price of failing to make patients safer and care more effective might be even higher. [Read More]
March 5, 2009
Editor's Picks

White House Healthcare Summit: Obama Calls on All Sectors to Cut Costs
Check out my colleague John Commins' piece on today's healthcare summit. The half-day meeting aims to address the issue of spiraling healthcare costs, and the overarching message from the White House is a straightforward one: All stakeholders are going to have to give up something to bring costs down. A painful message, no doubt, but it's one that people have to hear. [Read More]

Does oversight threaten the doctor-patient bond?
This is a different perspective on the portion of the stimulus package—$1.1 billion—that's being set aside for research on evidence-based medicine. Supporters of the evidence-based movement, of course, says that "comparative effectiveness" research can identify what works and what doesn't, save both money and time, and ultimately improve overall quality. But as the story puts it, there are concerns that the government could become an "unwelcome third party" when it comes to treatment decisions. [Read More]

Amenities abundant at Henry Ford hospital's new Michigan facility
Who says times are tough everywhere? The new Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, which begins taking patients later this month, isn't exactly cutting financial corners in creating a high-end facility crammed with amenities designed to improve both quality and comfort. In-home monitoring services, health coaches, Henry the hospital therapy dog (yes, a real dog—he's a black lab who greets and visits patients) . . . the whole bit. [Read More]

Good or useless, medical scans cost the same
Solid piece here about how poor-quality scans are contributing to a broader problem with medical imaging—specifically, that 20% to as much as 50%, according to some studies, of scans shouldn't have been done because they ultimately didn't help diagnose patients. As the story points out, insurers typically don't distinguish between scans done poorly or done well, and offer the same reimbursement for a scan done on an old machine as they do for one done on a brand new model. I have trouble believing the 50% figure, but it's a growing problem, nevertheless. [Read More]
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