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All Together, Now: 'We're Sorry'
Jay Moore, managing editor, HealthLeaders Media
Hospitals implement all manner of policies and processes designed to reduce medical errors—but no matter how many precautions an organization takes, mistakes are inevitable. When those mistakes do happen, should error disclosure be a group activity? [Read More]
Feb. 19, 2009
Editor's Picks

Analysis: Stimulus Law Spends on Healthcare Today to Save for Tomorrow
There's no shortage of media coverage on the economic stimulus package, but check out my colleague John Commins' analysis of the effects of the initiative on healthcare both now and down the road. This isn't a piece exclusively about quality and patient safety, but that $787 billion has repercussions for the quality arena just as it does for multiple other corners of the industry. [Read More]

Deadly bacteria defy drugs, alarming doctors
This piece might not cover a ton of new ground for some of you, but nevertheless it's a good—and somewhat unsettling—read about life-threatening "gram-negative" bacteria that don't garner MRSA's level of media coverage but that ultimately may become even more dangerous. "We're literally running out of drugs to treat gram-negatives, and there is nothing in the pipeline right now," according to an infectious disease specialist quoted in the story. Not exactly an optimistic assessment. [Read More]

Zagat helps bring ratings to healthcare
If Zagat editors and the health insurer WellPoint have their way, consumers will be using Zagat's guides for something much more important than comparing hotels or finding a good hamburger joint. People who have their insurance coverage with WellPoint are being asked to post reviews of their physicians and rate them on a variety of factors. You can read the story for yourself, but predictably many physicians are offering a reaction that is, um, less than enthusiastic. This is still a fledgling program that's tough to evaluate definitively at this point, but I think the docs may have a point on this one. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines
Dallas hospital streamlines emergency room procedures
Dallas Morning News - February 11, 2009

Nevada, Joint Commission to trade infection control information
AP/San Jose Mercury News - February 12, 2009

Atlanta hospital isolates cause of Legionnaires'
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - February 13, 2009
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