HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - February 11, 2009 | Passive or Aggressive? What's Your Physician Relations Strategy?
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Passive or Aggressive? What's Your Physician Relations Strategy?
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

It's a twist on the old chicken-and-egg question. Which is more important, marketing to physicians or direct-to-consumer marketing? Although there are some who still insist that plenty of patients self-refer, the fact is that?at least for now?patients usually go where their doctors tell them to go. The just-released 2009 HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey offers some insight. But will it answer the question once and for all? [Read More]
  February 11, 2009

Editor's Picks
HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey goes live
Our annual industry survey launched yesterday and is filled with juicy data about what healthcare leaders are thinking: CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and—of course—marketing leaders. You can read responses from marketing leaders and get some analysis of the numbers, such as why marketers think their job responsibilities will be completely different in three years from now or what methods hospitals are using to increase physician referrals. You can also download all eight surveys and digest the facts for yourself. [Read More]
Notes from the Customer-Based Marketing Strategies conference
There were many valuable lessons and experiences shared at the Customer-Based Marketing Strategies conference held last week in Las Vegas, from which we reported live on the MarketShare blog. Among the most notable messages was the importance of delivering on your organization's brand promise. Many of the sessions this year stressed this point, and explained that a brand promise can't be fully accomplished if even one person on staff doesn't know what it is. And, of course, your customers have to know it too. Other key points were the growing prominence of new media, the value of risk taking, and the significance of data collection. [Read More]
Exceeding expectations, one moving target at a time
Oh, those fickle consumers. One day they're thrilled that a nurse took a moment to look at photos of their grandchildren. The next they're grumpy because they couldn't get an appointment for three months. Then they get mad that the hospital's parking lot is full. But they rave about their beautiful private room and the delicious cafeteria food. One harsh word at the intake desk, and you're right back in the customer service doghouse. "As marketers we are continually reminded that we must exceed expectations," writes Mark Ritson on the BrandingStrategy Insider blog. "We are rarely warned, however, that these expectations are fluid and forever changing." What can marketers do in the face of such capricious consumers? Ritson offers three tactics. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Looking for a Heartbeat?
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Are you finding that your campaigns are flat-lining? A change of strategy could be just the thing you need to reconnect with your target audience. A campaign for St. Thomas Heart Hospital in Nashville, TN, increased preference and awareness with a simple strategy and a few paper hearts. And the best part: St. Thomas didn't have to spend a lot to make it happen. [Read More]
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Patient demand for intensive care services continues to rise—but ICUs cost a ton of money. Here's how some providers are making intensive care worth their financial while. [Read More]
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HealthLeaders Media Editors react to the findings of the Industry Survey 2009. [Listen Now]
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