HealthLeaders Media IT - February 3, 2009 | The Next Wave of Health 2.0: Digital Peer Review
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The Next Wave of Health
2.0: Digital Peer Review

Kathryn Mackenzie, Technology Editor

It's time consuming, tedious, and often just plain uncomfortable for everyone involved. But, like most things in life that are unpleasant, peer review is necessary and unavoidable. So necessary that the Joint Commission has made Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation part of its 2009 Standards Update. [Read More]
February 3, 2009  
Editor's Picks
Google: Your personal health record is safe with us
Last year I had the opportunity to hear Alfred Spector, vice president of research and special initiatives, talk about Google Health's personal health record initiative. During the Q&A portion of the session, several members of the audience asked about how the public could be sure that their information was safe with Google. Spector's answer was brief and frank: Because Google Health has a market brand to uphold, it would just be bad business to make that information available to marketers, he said. This Blog captures Spector's sentiment perfectly. [Read More]

Lost laptop costs VA $20 million
Speaking of protecting private health data, the Veterans Affairs Department will have to pay $20 million to veterans for exposing them to possible identity theft in 2006 by losing their personal information. Once again, a lost laptop (and external drive) was blamed for the blunder. [Read More]

Personal health records aren't what you think
A recently published white paper compares the usability of Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault—the results were not good. This blog points out why that may be the case: We've all been assuming a PHR is a software application. But what if it's not? [Read More]

Kennedy to reintroduce PHR incentive legislation
Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) plans to reintroduce a bill that would create a trust fund to pay physicians $3 for each patient who creates a personal health record. His proposal would require HHS to publish a list online of qualifying physicians and establish requirements for qualified Web-based PHRs. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Data breaches are more costly than ever
Washington Post - February 3, 2009

CNN story helps surgeon perform operation - January 29, 2009

Stimulus boosts electronic health records
Philadelphia Inquirer - January 29, 2009

Google opposes sale of personal medical info
Wall Street Journal Health Blog - January 29, 2009
Events & Product News
Motion, Sig-Tec partner to provide access management solutions

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Radiology Management: Cost and Quality at the Crossroads of Patient Care (Part I): Effective radiology testing requires facilitation, collaboration, and the use of new tools and communication channels. In this two-part series, contributor Marybeth Regan, PhD, describes eight dimensions of radiology management and explains how the concept can improve patient care. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Achieve Optimal Telemedicine Outcomes: Randall S. Moore, MD, chairman and CEO of American TeleCare, talks about why he thinks offering government subsidies to telehealth providers would be a mistake. [Listen Now]
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