HealthLeaders Media IT - January 20, 2009 | $20 Billion Worth of Optimism
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$20 Billion Worth of Optimism
Kathryn Mackenzie, Technology Editor

Last week Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives unveiled an $825 billion tax cut and spending bill with a huge chunk set aside for healthcare initiatives, including $20 billion to modernize health information technology systems. There is no doubt that $20 billion is a lot of money, but it's certainly not enough to buy every physician practice in the United States an EMR. So I was curious to see what your reaction to the stimulus plan would be. [Read More]
January 20, 2008
Editor's Picks
The wired presidency: Can Obama really reboot the White House?
Today being inauguration day and this being an e-zine about technology, it seemed only appropriate to include an article about our new president's technological leanings. gives a broad overview of President Obama's use of technology throughout his campaign and what we can expect to see during his "Government 2.0" presidency. [Read More]

Privacy debate renewed over stimulus plan
With $20 billion set to be spent on digitizing America's medical records, consumer groups and some members of Congress are demanding part of that money be used to create a strict set of privacy standards. High-profile breaches of security that have occurred over the past few years have senior House Democrats determined to include privacy safeguards in the economic recovery bill, reports the New York Times. But some insurance lobbyists said they hoped Congress would punt on the issue, leaving privacy standards to be developed by the Health and Human Services Department, where they believe they can make their case more effectively. [Read More]

Using technology to meet HIPAA regulations
Speaking of privacy, here's an article about the challenges of meeting HIPAA regulations in a world filled with ways to breach security. Access to healthcare records can come from any number of places—from hospital staff prying into celebrity records or outside hackers worming their way into your database—every hospital is at risk. [Read More]

Feds offer CIOs some relief with ICD-10 delay
This blog posting from the Wall Street Journal gives a good summary of CMS' decision to delay the switch to the coding system known as ICD-10 by two years, including links to a government fact sheet that summarizes the coding switch and to a posting from a physician blogger criticizing the move. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Web site helps patients' families, medical providers communicate
Detroit Free Press - January 19, 2009

Stimulus includes help for doctors
AP/Yahoo News - January 15, 2009

In Hawaii, the doctor is always in—online
AP/Yahoo News - January 15, 2009
Events & Product News
Star-P gains new imaging capabilities

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