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The Fear of Information
Jay Moore, managing editor, HealthLeaders Media
Adverse event reporting systems are designed to analyze flaws in patient care and help create safer, higher quality practices to prevent the same issues from recurring. Most hospitals apparently have such a system in place in one form or another. But actively encouraging adverse event reporting and using that information to improve care? That's another story. [Read More]
Jan. 8, 2009
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Surgery center self-reports disinfection lapse
Given the scope of the challenges in the quality and patient safety arena, one would think following the directions that accompany medical equipment would be fairly low on the difficulty scale. But an outpatient surgery center in Nevada has notified state authorities that it didn't properly disinfect certain instruments used in colonoscopies and upper-endoscopy procedures. Apparently, the disinfection cycle on the device used to clean the instruments was set at one minute instead of the manufacturer-recommended five minutes. To the center's credit, the lapse was self-reported immediately, and the risk to the clinic's patients was deemed "minimal." But when you're talking about a procedure like a colonoscopy, the notion of inadequate disinfection is, um, not a pleasant thought. [Read More]

Should patients be told of better care elsewhere?
A very interesting thought piece here about the question of whether physicians have an ethical obligation to tell patients if they are more likely to live longer, avoid certain complications, or even survive by going to one hospital instead of another for a certain procedure, even if, as the article puts it, "revealing the truth might mean patients will take their business someplace else." That assumes that "the truth" is always clearly established, of course. No matter your opinion on this topic, though, this is a good read. [Read More]
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Northern Idaho medical centers await inspections
AP/Seattle Times - January 5, 2009

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