HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - December 31, 2008 | 2009: Is it Over Yet?
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2009: Is it Over Yet?
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

For marketers, like many professionals, 2009 looks like it's going to be all the fun of a hangover without any of the hassles of a big party. In 2009, we're all going to be asked to do more with less. But that's particularly true for hospital and health system marketers. Let's face it—hospitals are going to cut marketing budgets before they stop buying new medical devices or funding quality initiatives. But when it comes to predictions, saying that 2009 is going to be a tough year is like saying that some people will get drunk and kiss total strangers on New Year's Eve. [Read More]
  December 31, 2008

Editor's Picks
Beware the social media siren
So social media might be a good opportunity for marketers—but what about their agencies? Although a large number of agencies and clients are looking to social media as the future of the communications business, a growing number of highly respected marketers don't actually see a role for their agencies in social media, according to AdWeek. "I do feel very strongly that people who work for companies have to participate as themselves in social media," Barry Judge, CMO of Best Buy told the publication. "Social means people interacting with people. You can't outsource that. I am really clear on how we should be participating. I am not sure how agencies participate for clients." [Read More]
Predictions made by marketers
If you're hungry for even more marketing predictions (and we know, there are a lot of them making the rounds), check out this list of social media and content marketing predictions for 2009. The most popular views for next year: An increase in social media marketing due to a decrease in marketing budgets, and a boost in online brand awareness for many organizations. But the really cool thing about this article is that there are more than 40 predictions posted by blogging marketers, and there are even more predictions in the comment section. So you can read your peer's forecasts, dig out your own crystal ball, and then post a prediction of your own. [Read More]
Market like Barack
It's safe to say that Barack Obama, whether you agree with his politics or not, ran a nearly flawless marketing and PR campaign over the past two years. A new book, called Barack, Inc.: Winning Business Lessons of the Obama Campaign, explains the secret to the President Elect's success. One blogger who got a sneak peak at the book says it breaks down the Obama camp strategy into three simple phrases: Be cool, be social, and be the change. Hospital marketing seems like a far cry from a political campaign, but the book's takeaways apply to all industries. [Read More]
Direct market like Barack
The lessons on marketing from Obama continue to pour in: This time the article talks about how the President-elect is moving to build public support around the broad notion that the U.S. health system needs an overhaul. To Washington veterans, the approach may seem backward, or even naive, but Obama is betting that the energetic, technology-savvy supporters who fueled his candidacy will act as a potent counterbalance to the traditionally powerful special interests that have defeated similar reform efforts. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Coming Attractions
The red carpet is in place and the paparazzi are swarming. But it's not the typical Hollywood A-listers the photogs are after and this scene isn't taking place in Hollywood. A recent campaign launched for St. Joseph's Hospital and HealthEast brought a taste of movie star fame to its patients and the St. Paul, MN, community. In an area that is flooded with healthcare advertising, with an impending open house for a renovated facility looming, St. Joseph's had a common problem. It needed to break through the clutter to raise awareness in an interesting way. [Read More]
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Here Come the Seniors

The influx of baby boomer patients promises to increase the already high demand for senior services. But the prospect of expanding a service line that relies so heavily on Medicare has some hospital leaders jittery. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Rewarding More Than Just a Pretty Advertisement: The ornate stock exchange room at the Art Institute of Chicago was a symbolic location for the 2008 HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, guest speaker Gary Adamson, CEO of Starizon, said at the October 15 ceremony. The room represents aesthetic beauty and financial results, much like the Marketing Awards, which, unlike many other award programs, honors campaigns that set and achieve clear goals, Adamson said. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Diane Stover of Memorial Hospital and Health System in South Bend, IN, talks about how healthcare organizations can benefit from conducting "innovisits" with companies in other industries. [Listen Now]
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