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Twitter a Healthcare
Marketing Tool? Maybe.

Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

From the moment I heard about the social networking site Twitter I was skeptical. The premise—people post short reports (140 characters or less) about what they're doing and send them out across the Web in live time—seemed absurd. Really, who has time to follow the minutia of people's lives? On the other hand, Twitter is a potential marketing tool. And although it's good for reporters to be skeptical, we're supposed to know a little something about subjects before we express that skepticism. [Read More]
  December 10, 2008

Editor's Picks
Consumers don't trust you
People just don't trust information they read on corporate blogs. And why should they? Most are filled with shameless self-promotion and questionable testimonials. So it's no wonder that 16% of people surveyed in a new Forrester Research Report said they didn't put any faith in corporate blogs—the lowest ranking of the survey's 18 categories. But this Media Post News writer says companies shouldn't nix blogging altogether. They just need to become more consumer-orientated. Blogs can be a great way of sharing information quickly and can come in handy when a PR crisis arises. [Read More]
Modesty is not an option for hospitals
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, headquartered in Houston, won the 2008 National Health System Patient Safety Leadership Award. But no one seems to know. The health system has provided its safety information for all to see on its Web site since 2003. But the general public isn't looking. "We've audited the IP addresses of those who've accessed the quality data on our site and have found that the majority of our hits are from inside the Memorial Hermann system," said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Shabot in a Q&A with Better Health. "And that's a shame—we've publicized this data as much as we can, but the public is just not looking at it." You could be the safest hospital in the world, but make sure your community knows if you want to use the information to grow market share. [Read More]
Generation Y: We get no respect
This blog post by a member of Generation Y explains why her generation gets a bum workplace rap. "We're often criticized for our restless job-jumping or our sense of entitlement," Teresa Wu writes. "The truth is, we might play the game differently, but that doesn't mean we're not every bit as bright, innovative, and hardworking. Among other things, Generation Y embraces transparency and values workplace culture, she says. [Read More]
Tools to tinker with your brand
Looking for some tools to help your hospital assess its brand strategy? "Imagine a 'toolbox' that can help your firm both assess and reposition your brand now and for the future," writes author Bill Nissim. He goes on to explain the three basic elements that makes up the toolbox: attributes of your offering, how consumers behave when they interact with your brand, and the circumstances that surround this interaction. "By evaluating all three combinations," he says, "you begin to develop an understanding of your current position—and, through this process, anticipate the ever-changing economic landscape." [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
If Your Job Ain't Rockin', Opportunity's Knockin'
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Opportunity might be knocking . . . but no one is answering the call from the usual print ad or billboard. So, how do you get the attention of qualified professionals? A different execution tactic could be the key to recruitment success. Good Samaritan Hospital and Regional Medical Center of San Jose (CA) needed to recruit but didn't want to pay the typical agency fees to do it. So Leslie Kelsay, marketing vice president for Good Samaritan, did a little research. [Read More]
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12/16/08: Proving Real ROI: The Bottom-Line Impact of Your Healthcare Marketing

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From HealthLeaders Magazine
What's Your Brand?

That's what your patients want to know. But hospitals are discovering the same old differentiators aren't good enough anymore. Is YOUR organization ready to deliver on its brand promise? [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Service Line Management: Three Principles That Separate the Winners from the Losers: If you were in business school during the 1970s, you were likely a disciple of one of the hottest management trends of that era?product line marketing. Graduates of leading MBA programs soon began to covet assistant brand manager jobs, hoping they would lead to executive positions where they would orchestrate the work of sales, manufacturing, and other functional areas to meet the needs of their clients. If you studied healthcare management a bit later, say the early to mid-1980s, you were likely captivated by the notion of service line management, healthcare's counterpart to product line thinking. That was 25 years ago, and healthcare still struggles with service lines. [Read More]
Audio Feature

John Luginbill, speaker on the 12/16 Webcast Proving Real ROI: The Bottom-Line Impact of Your Healthcare Marketing, discusses why it is so difficult for marketers to prove ROI. [Listen Now]
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