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The ED or the Hallway?
I'll Take Option No. 3
Jay Moore, managing editor, HealthLeaders Media
Hospitals across the country struggle with the problem of boarding patients in the emergency department. No one wants to have to cram their ED with patients who need to be admitted but don't have inpatient beds waiting for them. But is sending those patients to the hallway any kind of solution? [Read More]
Dec. 4, 2008
Editor's Picks

Parents often choose ER for routine kids' care
This piece looks at a study from the journal Academic Pediatrics that concludes many parents take their children to the emergency room for nonurgent care not because they're trying to abuse the system, but because they have problems with their child's primary care provider or their PCP actually referred them to the ER. The study's authors interviewed 31 families of children arriving at a children's hospital ED on weekdays over the course of four weeks. This story is an interesting read because of its different perspective on the ED overcrowding issue, but I'm not sure how much the experiences of families at a single hospital really tell us about the broader industry. [Read More]

Arrogant, abusive, and disruptive (and a doctor)
We have a story on bullying coming in the December issue of HealthLeaders magazine, but this New York Times piece also offers some interesting insight into the problem of abusive behavior among caregivers. Such behavior is certainly not the norm, but it's a problem, nevertheless. This story does a nice job delving into how the training structure for physicians and the broader healthcare environment can sometimes breed disruptive behavior. [Read More]

Say cheese: Do photos help doctors see patients better?
Yes, plain old photos. A study presented at a Radiological Society of North America conference contends that radiologists spend plenty of time looking at high-tech images of organs and not enough looking at patients' faces. Including photos in patient files can improve radiologists' performance, the study says, because it prompts them to read scans more carefully and introduces a "human element" to radiology. These findings are controversial for a number of reasons—not the least of which is the fact that the study's author has yet to finish his residency or submit the findings for publication. Nevertheless, the study is garnering considerable attention. Read and decide for yourself. [Read More]

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