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Funding is Still Out There
John Commins, Editor, Community Hospitals
With the U.S. economy officially in recession, a new report provides five useful tips for getting EMR money for federally qualified health centers. The white paper says that grant money is available for community health centers whose managers understand and state their needs carefully, are willing to persist through the arduous grant-writing process, and who are willing to pool resources with other CHCs. [Read More]
December 3, 2008
Editor's Picks

Miami's Mount Sinai losses expected to double
This is a good example of what happens at the intersection of an economic downturn and a changing demographic. Mount Sinai was once the pride of Miami Beach. But as the retirees who once used the prestigious hospital move on to greater rewards, they're being replaced by younger people who may not feel the connection to the hospital and its mission, nor require its services. As a result Mount Sinai is projecting to lose $18.5 million this year, twice as much as last year. Despite the worsening financial turn, Mount Sinai CEO Steven Sonenreich says the hospital is doing better than it seems. He says they're rebuilding their medical staff and that volume is growing, thanks in part to the addition of a free-standing emergency department. But with 2009 losses projected at around $19 million, it's not clear how much longer Mount Sinai can survive. [Read More]

Obama tells governors he'll help state budgets
President-elect Barack Obama has about six weeks before he takes office. But the nation's governors aren't wasting any time putting their buckets under the federal spigot. In a meeting this week in Philadelphia, 49 governors asked Obama for $40 billion in new funding for Medicaid, a program that is expected to increase because of layoffs associated with the sour economy. The president-elect was sympathetic, and also provided some details on an infrastructure improvement program that his advisors hope will help jump start the economy. [Read More]

UnitedHealth Group offers health insurance insurance
There's a Saturday Night Live skit in here somewhere. UnitedHealth Group is offering a first-of-its-kind insurance policy that will guarantee consumers the right to buy individual health insurance at some point in the future, even if they're sick. So, we've come to the point where you have to buy an insurance policy to assure that you can buy insurance policy in the event that you get sick. [Read More]

Lobbies line up behind healthcare reform
Apparently, the handwriting on the wall has gotten so large that not even the entrenched health insurance industry can avoid reading it. Americans are afraid, and they want assurances that they'll have access to healthcare when they get sick and that they won't have to go bankrupt to get that care. They're expecting significant government intervention in the healthcare delivery system. This isn't 1992 and this isn't HillaryCare. And woe betide any special interest lobby that doesn't get it. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

Increasing Early Patient Payments Starts with a Change in Mindset
Hospitals and physicians interested in collecting patient payments earlier in the patient care process ought to know two very important things before providing service: how much to charge and whom to charge. Guest columnist Jorge Wong says while this demand may be challenging, it is also a unique opportunity for providers to better communicate with patients and increase their point-of-service collections. [Read More]
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