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Marketing to Diverse
Populations? Get Real.

Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

I'm going to come right out and say it: If you're in a market with a large Spanish-speaking population and your response is to publish a Spanish-language version of your hospital's newsletter or boast that you hablo Español at the bottom of your newspaper ads, you're wasting your time and money. In order to serve special populations you must understand them. And I mean really understand them. [Read More]
  December 3, 2008

Editor's Picks
The cheese to your marketing macaroni
If you're worried that your paid advertisements aren't making an impression on your target audience, don't be. There's a solution. And it's free. This MarketingProfs article details how companies can enhance their brand and marketing efforts via public relations strategies. By managing your PR tactics correctly, your community will start to see your hospital as a thought leader. And as a result your organization will see greater brand recognition and will become a hot topic on the blogosphere and in the local press—both of which lead to greater opportunities for tactical PR. So, it turns out advertising and PR go together like, in the words of the title character in the movie Juno, cheese and macaroni. [Read More]
Social networking gets even more social
Just as you were getting used to Facebook (or, let's face it, still struggling to understand it), the social networking site has launched yet another application. And experts think it might spark a new phenomenon on the social Web. The new application, called Facebook Connect, allows users to access other Web sites, see what friends are reading or watching, and broadcast actions to others. Now a group of online friends can watch an online video at the same time and share their thoughts all via Facebook. MySpace, Yahoo, and Google have each announced plans to create similar programs earlier this year. Through Connect, Facebook has seen an increase in ad-relevant traffic and is exploring more advertising opportunities. [Read More]
Pharma needs a brand new bag
Well, USA Today says it, so it must be true: More doctors and healthcare organizations are refusing free drug samples from pharmaceutical sales reps in order to avoid bias or the appearance of it. The Charlotte-based Carolinas HealthCare System, featured in the article, banned its more than 700 doctors from accepting or dispensing samples earlier this year. At first, internist Peter Justis, who helped develop the ban, told the paper that "doctors were not very happy with this decision, nor patients." Two main factors led to the ban, Justis says: concern about free samples' effect on treatment decisions and most doctors' failure to fill out the "cumbersome" paperwork required when they dispensed drugs. Consider that practices and organizations have also started to ban gifts from pharma reps, it seems like the companies are going to have to develop some new sales tactics. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Hanging in the Balance
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The professionals and academic minds at Pitt County Memorial Hospital and East Carolina University, both in Greenville, NC, decided that it was time to bring technologically advanced, patient focused, integrated cardiac care to North Carolina in the form of a new facility. However, without an effective way to communicate the unique new approach to caring for patients, the success of this ambitious collaboration hung in the balance. [Read More]
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What's Your Brand?

That's what your patients want to know. But hospitals are discovering the same old differentiators aren't good enough anymore. Is YOUR organization ready to deliver on its brand promise? [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Service Line Management: Three Principles That Separate the Winners from the Losers: If you were in business school during the 1970s, you were likely a disciple of one of the hottest management trends of that era—product line marketing. Graduates of leading MBA programs soon began to covet assistant brand manager jobs, hoping they would lead to executive positions where they would orchestrate the work of sales, manufacturing, and other functional areas to meet the needs of their clients. If you studied healthcare management a bit later, say the early to mid-1980s, you were likely captivated by the notion of service line management, healthcare's counterpart to product line thinking. That was 25 years ago, and healthcare still struggles with service lines. [Read More]
Audio Feature

John Luginbill, speaker on the 12/16 Webcast Proving Real ROI: The Bottom-Line Impact of Your Healthcare Marketing, discusses why it is so difficult for marketers to prove ROI. [Listen Now]
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