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Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

If, like me, you're curious about what's next for healthcare marketing, you're probably keeping an eye on Florida Hospital's plans to open the Disney Children's Hospital in 2010. In addition to the usual promises—great doctors, advanced technology, and high quality—the Orlando hospital has big plans for branding itself on patient experience. [Read More]
  November 19, 2008

Editor's Picks
The mommy media machine
Is there any healthcare consumer group more vocal and involved than expectant mothers? I don't think so. A group of Massachusetts moms staged an all-out media, PR, and word-of-mouth campaign to protest the possible closing of the North Shore Birth Center in Beverly, MA. They called friends, organized meetings, started a blog and a Facebook page, and launched a letter-writing campaign to the board of trustees of Northeast Health System, which owns Beverly Hospital and the birth center. Did the hospital listen to its customers? Sort of. Beverly Hospital trustees decided not to stop deliveries—for now. In a statement from Northeast, officials noted that a grass-roots campaign had "not gone unnoticed." But the statement also made it clear that the center's future is still very much in question. [Read More]
Healthcare digital marketing to increase, for real
For a while now we've all heard that digital advertising is supposed to be the next big thing in healthcare marketing, but this theory has yet to be the case—until now. Don't believe it? Well, Google says so. Mary Ann Belliveau, the Internet goliath's health vertical managing director, says healthcare-related digital strategies are going to gain momentum in 2009. Although healthcare was one of the few industries that saw a decline in the percentage of advertising spent in digital advertising between 2006 and 2007, she thinks that will soon change because "the higher levels of leadership within pharmaceutical companies are getting passionate about being where their customers are." With Google Health and Google Flu Trends more and more consumers are going to be hitting the Internet for health information, making digital marketing that much more relevant for healthcare institutions. Besides, in this economy, it's especially important to place your advertising where potential patients can see it. [Read More]
Opportunity is still out there, just look closely
One of the few good things about today's stark business environment is that glimmers of new opportunities are out there. You just have to know where to look. This MarketingProfs article details eight possible pockets of light foreseen by Best Buy and Wipro chief marketing officers. Barry Judge, Best Buy's CMO, says in these economic times it's important to invest in areas of demand and highlight your organization's brand experience. However Jessie Paul, CMO of Wipro, a technology services provider, suggests companies defer long-term brand spending. "Return most of this money to the CEO," she says. "Use the rest in tactical campaigns, media outreach, and search engine optimization directly linked to communicating your recession-friendly offerings to clients and qualified prospects." [Read More]
Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, have a happy Thanksgiving holiday. HealthLeaders Media Marketing will not publish next week, but will be back December 3.
Campaign Spotlight
System Formerly Known As . . .
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Lakeside Community Healthcare, formerly known as Lakeside Systems, Inc. (among other titles held by its variety of medical groups and urgent care centers), recently underwent significant growth due to a combination of expansion and acquisitions. Needing to find one central concept to bring unity and a brand image to the company, Lakeside went through a process, with complete buy-in and assistance from a team of senior management, of researching what was important in today's market for its patients and the community. [Read More]
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12/16/08: Prove The Financial ROI of Your Marketing Campaigns
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What's Your Brand?

That's what your patients want to know. But hospitals are discovering the same old differentiators aren't good enough anymore. Is YOUR organization ready to deliver on its brand promise? [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Off-Limits Advertising: Although the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services discourages hospitals from marketing HCAHPS results, a few have gone ahead with the tactic. Some use the data in an attempt to edge out the competition and revel in their achievement, whereas others remain unsure about the benefits of marketing positive scores. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Joel J. Reich, MD, senior vice president for medical affairs at Eastern Connecticut Health Network, discusses the disconnect between physicians and hospital administrators when it comes to quality improvement efforts. [Listen Now]
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