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Talking 'Bout Doc Generations
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

There are three distinctly different generations (and soon to be a fourth) practicing medicine today. And marketers want to know how to best reach out to all of them when crafting internal campaigns and when marketing to physicians to increase satisfaction and referrals. It's tempting?especially in tough economic times—to try a one-size-fits-all approach. But as the results of a recent national study suggest, that's just not going to cut it. [Read More]
  November 12, 2008

Editor's Picks
Social media measurement
Here's an excellent tutorial on social media—it offers definitions and discusses challenges, setting goals and objectives, and, most importantly measuring ROI. "As with any initiative, you can measure the impact of a social media effort only after you've determined the business outcome it supports and established performance-based objectives. For example, possible objectives could include increasing customer trial, improving brand advocacy/customer loyalty, or increasing share of preference," the author writes. "Each of these objectives should be tied to a business outcome. For example, increasing customer trial or share of preference may be tied to business outcomes around acquiring new customers or accelerating the rate of customer acquisition in order to impact revenue and market share." [Read More]
Find new ways to improve experience
Innovation and learning from other industries are hot topics these days. This blog post discusses two non-healthcare companies that recently made innovative changes to improve the customer experience. Amazon, for example, has introduced frustration-free packaging in order to spare its customers "wrap rage" this holiday season. Innovation shouldn't be difficult for healthcare organizations. It starts with listening to your customers—physicians, staff, patients, and friends, and family members. Only when you've learned what the pain points are can you take steps to eliminate them. [Read More]
Hospitals illustrate three brand strategies
Meanwhile, this blogger is urging other industries to learn from you. The post discusses three Indianapolis hospitals that are posturing themselves as the best place to take care of patients with heart issues. The three different approaches outlined in the article are good illustrations of the company, process, and people brand strategies. [Read More]
Fundraising future uncertain
In the middle of the financial meltdown and stock market collapse last month, one donor gave $20 million to the University of Kansas Hospital. The gift, possibly the state's largest to a hospital from an individual, will allow the hospital to create a nationally recognized cancer center. The question: Will this large gift be the exception or the rule in the current economy? "Across the country, hospital executives and fund-raisers are bracing for difficulty in their efforts to raise money," the New York Times reports. "The new environment is a marked change from recent years, when many hospitals had substantial success in fund-raising." [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
How Do You Spell SCRUBS?
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Recent audits showed that hand hygiene compliance for Blessing Hospital was in the 95-100% range, but Becky Crane, infection preventionist for Blessing, was still concerned. Though hand washing campaigns aren't new to healthcare, those at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL, were determined to create a campaign that would help them reach their overarching goal of total compliance. [Read More]
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Model for Success

Running a medical group has never been more complex. But many practices have found ways to not only survive?but thrive. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Off-Limits Advertising: Although the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services discourages hospitals from marketing HCAHPS results, a few have gone ahead with the tactic. Some use the data in an attempt to edge out the competition and revel in their achievement, whereas others remain unsure about the benefits of marketing positive scores. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Joel J. Reich, MD, senior vice president for medical affairs at Eastern Connecticut Health Network, discusses the disconnect between physicians and hospital administrators when it comes to quality improvement efforts. [Listen Now]
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