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Dry Run Lets Hospitals Take the Plunge on IRS Filing
John Commins, Editor, Community Hospitals
Nonprofit hospitals?big and small?should heed the suggestions of the American Hospital Association and the IRS and compile a "dry run" on their complete Schedule H tax forms. [Read More]
November 5, 2008
Editor's Picks

The morning after: Analysis of what an Obama presidency could mean
I know, I know. This doesn't exactly fall into the Community and Rural Hospital bailiwick. But it's hard to ignore yesterday's truly historic results, regardless of whom you voted for. This post-election analysis from the Washington Post is among the best I read so far, although it raises far more questions than it answers. Now that he's won the presidency, the big question is how will Barack Obama govern? Will the refortified, Democratically controlled Congress push him to the left? Does his win suggest a mandate, or is it more a rejection of President George W. Bush? And, for our purposes, given the fiscal straits in which the nation finds itself, will an Obama Administration have the resources to significantly impact domestic policies like healthcare? The Wall Street Journal provided another good post-election forecast. [Read More]

Federal court blocks White House on Medicare expenses
Here's a little good news for healthcare providers everywhere. A federal court has blocked the Bush administration's effort to save money on Medicare by paying for only the least expensive treatments for particular conditions. U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. in Washington, DC, ruled that Congress sets Medicare payment rates and never intended to give CMS broad discretion to alter them. A CMS spokesman called the ruling "disappointing" and that CMS is considering an appeal. [Read More]

CMS delays RAC permanent program
There is more than a little confusion of late surrounding the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor permanent program. CMS yesterday announced it has delayed RAC and put a moratorium on all RAC-relayed informational sessions across the country. CMS has yet to release further details but told the American Hospital Association the action was necessary due to "a RAC protest and a stay of performance." Meanwhile, the California Hospital Association says PRG Schultz, a contractor that submitted a bid for work in the permanent program but wasn't selected, was considering a challenge to the contract award process. What should hospitals do now? Nothing, says Joseph Zebrowitz, MD, executive vice president of Executive Health Resources in Newtown Square, PA. Zebrowitz warns facilities not to change preparations for a RAC visit because once the in-fighting is over, the RAC will be back. [Read More]

Beverly (MA) Hospital chief expected to quit
This is what happens when you alienate your physicians, nurses, and board of directors. Stephen R. Laverty, the embattled CEO of Beverly Hospital near Boston, could resign today, according to physicians and healthcare executives with close ties to the hospital's parent organization, Northeast Health System Inc. [Read More]
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Healthcare Transactions in a Challenging Capital Market
Although healthcare transaction activity has slowed during the downturn in the economy—particularly with regard to acquisitions by private equity buyers—investment banks, private equity houses, hedge funds, and lenders continue to aggressively seek healthcare deals. [Read More]
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