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Healthcare Leaders Reveal
Secrets to Success

Carrie Vaughan, Senior Editor-Leadership

Successful organizations are often tempted to hunker down and keep the secret formula to their success under wraps. But many healthcare executives at top health systems, medical groups, and health plans have a different view. These leaders feel it is their responsibility to share their knowledge with other industry leaders in an effort to improve the quality of patient care and the healthcare industry overall.
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  October 24, 2008

Editor's Picks
Cuts, closures, and bankruptcies
Many healthcare facilities are struggling to keep their doors open and some are losing the battle. Others are taking a close look at operations and cutting staff or services as needed. The sheer volume of stories about healthcare organizations closing, laying off staff, cutting services, or requesting a bailout the past few weeks has been unbelievable. Here's a sampling from this week: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is laying off about 500 employees as part of the health system's ongoing cost savings initiatives. South Carolina-based Providence Hospitals is laying off 30 employees in an effort to stem projected losses of $1 million this year and $7 million next year. Birmingham, AL-based Physicians Medical Center Carraway is closing after 100 years. Chicago's Lincoln Park Hospital is closing in the face of financial troubles. Clayton County, GA's only hospital, Southern Regional Health System, must wait several more weeks to learn if the county's government will move forward with a financial bailout.
An eroding model for health insurance
The individual insurance market is proving to be unaffordable or inaccessible for many Americans who don't have the option of employer-sponsored health insurance. This article does a good job showing the challenges many people face just trying to secure insurance for themselves or a family member—especially those with a pre-existing condition. [Read More]
Young people welcome
Seattle-based Swedish Medical Center wants to make sure that new med school graduates, nurses, and young administrators not only join but choose to stay at the organization. Swedish offers flexible scheduling like job-share programs and makes sure that its younger employees know about job advancement and growth opportunities. [Read More]
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Webcasts/Audio Conferences
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Top 5 Healthcare Jobs
Chief Operating Officer: Choptank Community Health System, Inc., Denton, MD. This position plays a critical role in leadership, oversight, direction and evaluation of the operational performance of CCHS . . . [Read More]
Chief Executive Officer: Encore Healthcare, Plano, TX. This position oversees and provides leadership in all areas of clinical services and facility operations by applying sound judgment . . . [Read More]
CEO/Administrator: HealthSouth, Colorado Springs, CO. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the Hospital. This position is accountable for planning, organizing . . . [Read More]
Chief Financial Officer: Baptist Healthcare, Pensacola, FL. Will serve as the senior operational finance leader for all BHC entities located on the Gulf Breeze Hospital and Andrews Institute campus and is responsible for . . .[Read More]
Chief Operations Officer: St. Louis. The Chief Operations Officer will be responsible for managing hands-on operational aspects of the company . . . [Read More]
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