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ROI Stories: A Wealth of Information
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

You know you've been successful at measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts when you tell a roomful of your peers about it and the audience responds with oohs, ahs, and wows. And I wasn't surprised to hear those murmurs of appreciation during the roundtable I moderated at the HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards event in Chicago last week. The results truly were impressive and inspiring. [Read More]
  October 22, 2008

Editor's Picks
Hey, you got your sales in my marketing!
If you've ever wondered how to use LinkedIn to promote your business and network with your peers, take a lesson from Chris Brown, president of the consulting firm Marketing Resources & Results in Cleveland. She posed this question on her LinkedIn page: "What's your opinion of the difference between sales and marketing?" Of the 54 responses she received (that's right—54), some of the answers are funny ("Marketing lies and sales swears to it"), most are insightful and interesting, and a good number use very creative analogies to describe the two disciplines. Apparently, marketing and sales are like baseball pitchers, marriage, and peanut butter cups. [Read More]
Retail clinic proliferation
It's hard to predict the long-term viability of retail clinics, but for now they're multiplying like rabbits. The latest example is the Pittsburgh market, which is expected to have 24 retail clinics by the end of 2008, almost evenly divided between Walgreens and CVS. Meanwhile, a HealthPartners study and another led by a UPMC internist acknowledged that several key issues were ripe for further research, including assessing the quality of care given the absence of a physician and whether the cost savings merely shift the burden onto primary care physicians who see fewer and sicker patients. [Read More]
Retail clinic defense
Extended hours is one way that healthcare organizations are battling retail competition: Doctors are expanding hours to accommodate the demands of busy, informed patients, as well as combat competition from retail health clinics popping up in drugstores such as Walgreens and CVS, this article notes. "Given the choice, most patients who have a regular physician would prefer to see them on extended hours than go elsewhere for treatment," Doug Henley, chief executive officer with the American Academy of Family Physicians, says in the article. [Read More]
Looking a gift horse in the mouth
Another organization is thinking of joining those who have banned or restricted gifts to physicians from pharmaceutical and medical device salespeople. The University of Minnesota Medical School is considering a strict new conflict-of-interest policy that would apply to the university's doctors, researchers, and students, as well as the institution itself. [Read More]
Another look at ER overcrowding
Think uninsured patients are the reason your ER is suffering? Maybe not, says a new study. "There is a commonly held belief that uninsured patients abuse the emergency department, coming in for 'non-urgent' complaints, [and] are overwhelming the system. This is simply not true," lead author of the study, Manya F. Newton, MD, says in this article. Crowding in the ER is caused by a variety of factors, including increased ER use by everyone, fewer emergency departments, and fewer inpatient beds, Newton adds. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
A Campaign to Save Your Brain
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Hennepin County Medical Center recently took on the challenge of battling the perception of invincibility among youths with some guerilla marketing and a simple message: Save Your Brain. The 'Save Your Brain' campaign came about as a result of recent clinical research that indicated more than 1.4 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injuries each year—100,000 of whom are from Minnesota, and most of whom are young adults. So, Minneapolis' HCMC took on the challenge of targeting that hard-to-reach market. [Read More]
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10/28/08: Case Studies in ER Marketing: Three Targeted Efforts That are Getting Results

11/3/08: Financial Meltdown: Managing Through the Crisis

11/13/08: Turn Calls into Customers: Maximize Customer Experience with Your Call Center
10/26/08: Hospital & Physician Relations: An Executive Summit, Scottsdale, AZ
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Model for Success

Running a medical group has never been more complex. But many practices have found ways to not only survive—but thrive. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Putting Your Resources Where Your Priorities Are: So far in 2008 we have endured turmoil in the credit markets, a sea change in regulations and payments affecting physician-hospital relations, and dare we mention the "R" word? If yours is not one of the growing number of healthcare organizations that has formally integrated its strategic and financial planning processes, now is the time. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Scott Clay, a senior principal with the Noblis Center for Health Innovation, talks about the effect of the deepening financial crisis on healthcare organizations. With consumer demand softening and volumes down in many markets, "hospitals will be affected on many levels," he says. Which service lines should you focus on? Listen to find out. [Listen Now]
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