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An Infection Control Playbook
Jay Moore, managing editor, HealthLeaders Media
Guidelines for reducing healthcare-associated infections are not hard to find—it's the adherence part of the equation that usually causes the trouble. With a flood of infection control recommendations emanating from multiple sources, provider organizations have often struggled to settle on a concise infection control plan that workers can really follow. But a new compendium of guidelines aims to change that. [Read More]
Oct. 16, 2008
Editor's Picks

Do doctors lack empathy?
Yes, according to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine—at least when it comes to cancer specialists and surgeons. The study involved researchers studying transcripts of audio recordings in which oncologists or surgeons were given 384 opportunities to show empathy to comments from lung cancer patients. They missed all but 39 of the chances, the study says. Ouch. I like this piece because it isn't focused on ubiquitous quality topics like medical errors or hand washing; rather, it delves into the psychology of quality care. [Read More]

Ex-hospital employees want a shot at running the joint
This piece out of Iowa seems like a governance story at first glance: Three former Broadlawns Medical Center employees—two nurses and a housekeeping supervisor—are among five candidates challenging two incumbents for seats on the public hospital's board of trustees. It is about governance, in many ways, but it's also an interesting look at how employees who have been in the hospital trenches want to form a bridge to the rank-and-filers to improve quality and the various factors that affect quality. [Read More]

State reprimands hospital for surgical error
Follow-up here about Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island, which last month operated on the wrong knee of a patient having elective surgery. The state's Health Department cited a few different factors that led to the mistake, but the overarching issue was a hospital culture that tended to treat patient-safety precautions as tedious administrative tasks, the state concluded. [Read More]

This Week's Headlines

Women's heart ills are often dismissed
Bloomberg News - October 13, 2008

From HealthLeaders Magazine
Model for Success
Running a medical group has never been more complex. But many practices have found ways to not only survive?but thrive. [Read More]  

Leaders Forum
Transitioning from 'Never Events' to 'Patient-Centered Ever Events'
There has been a considerable amount of attention paid recently to "never events." Such events are relatively infrequent, but they show failures in patient-centered care that affect thousands every day. Susan B. Frampton, PhD, president of Derby, CT-based Planetree, and Patrick A. Charmel, president and CEO of Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT, discuss how patient-centered care, which has long been identified as a goal to improve the quality of healthcare, is something hospitals continue to struggle. [Read More]

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Learn about the latest CMS no-pay rule and protect your bottom line
Healthcare facilities across the country are struggling with the human and financial consequences of hospital-acquired conditions. Don't miss HCPro's live 90-minute audio conference Hospital-Acquired Conditions: Protect Patients and Avoid Financial Penalties on Wednesday, October 22 at 1 p.m. Expert speakers Thomas Valuck from CMS and surgical care expert Dale Bratzler will offer a clear understanding of what hospitals need to do to comply with CMS as well as strategies for preventing surgical complications. For more information visit HCPro's Healthcare Marketplace.
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Bill Byham, chairman and CEO of Development Dimensions International, a human resource training and consulting company, discusses how the right network can help new executives avoid costly mistakes. [Listen Now]
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