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Disagreement About Overloaded Physicians
Les Masterson, Senior Editor-Managed Care
A Massachusetts Medical Society report suggests a number of physician specialties are operating under severe labor market conditions, but health plans think differently. [Read More]
  October 8, 2008

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Louisiana Medicaid overhaul races clock
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal hopes to strike a deal with the Bush administration that would move 380,000 Medicaid recipients into managed-care networks. Jindal plans to launch the program in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, and Shreveport regions by the middle of 2010. Louisiana is one of the few states with only a fee-for-service model for its Medicaid services. [Read More]
Costly ER still draws many now insured in Massachusetts
Thousands of the newly insured who are covered thanks to the Massachusetts healthcare reform are using emergency rooms for routine care. A higher percentage of the newly insured utilize emergency rooms than the state and national averages. The reform was implemented partly to relieve the overburdening of emergency rooms, but the report shows the newly insured are still using the more expensive care alternative most likely because there are simply not enough primary care physicians to provide timely appointments. [Read More]
Bailout provides more mental health coverage
The nation's financial crisis may indirectly help those suffering from mental illness. The economic bailout bill included a provision that requires insurers to provide equal coverage for mental and physical illnesses. Federal officials say the new law will improve coverage for 113 million people. Opponents of coverage mandates have railed against the added costs that come from these requirements, but the Congressional Budget Office estimates the new requirement will increase premiums by only an average of about two-tenths of 1%. [Read More]
Doctors know little about consumer-directed health plans
Health plans are not adequately educating people on the front lines about consumer-driven healthcare. A recent study found that 43% of doctors surveyed said they have heard little, if anything, about the plans, and only 48% claimed they are ready to discuss medical budgeting with their patients. [Read More]
Medicare expands its crackdown on fraud
Medicare is cracking down on fraud in seven states, targeting companies that improperly provide patients with medical equipment such as wheelchairs and oxygen supplies. The feds will require more stringent background checks of equipment suppliers, unannounced visits to businesses, and more scrutiny of billing records submitted by doctors. The announcement comes after several congressional reports questioned Medicare payments. [Read More]
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Minnesota leading healthcare innovations
Minneapolis Star Tribune - October 2, 2008
Pennsylvania governor makes push on healthcare for uninsured
Philadelphia Inquirer - October 6, 2008
Report: Obama's health plan may help more uninsured
Reuters/Yahoo News - October 2, 2008
Business cool toward McCain's health coverage plan
New York Times - October 7, 2008

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