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Seven Signs You're Ready for Collapse
Maureen Larkin, Senior Editor-Quality
Like it or not, healthcare is a business, and hospitals could face the same possibility of collapse that we've seen in America's financial institutions. The difference, though, is that in healthcare there is more than money at stake. That's why paying attention to quality is so crucial. [Read More]
Sept. 18, 2008
Editor's Picks

'Medical home' models lag in key areas
Medical home is seen as a potential solution to many of the country's healthcare problems. But a new study shows that most primary care practices aren't equipped with the elements needed to create medical homes. [Read More]

Listen up patients: Only you can prevent MRSA
Okay, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But an article in Monday's Houston Chronicle tells consumers that they are their own best weapon in the fight against hospital infections. The article gives a number of tips for those who plan to visit the hospital sometime soon. You have to wonder, though, about those not planning a hospital visit in the near future. Will they even pay attention? If so, will they remember these tips when faced with an illness? [Read More]

Two years is not enough
The New Hampshire Health and Human Services department announced this week that the two years it was given by state lawmakers to make hospital infection data public just "isn't enough" and that it needs more time to collect information from the state's 26 hospitals. Officials predict the data could be made available sometime in 2009. [Read More]

Joint Commission: Speak up, feel better
The Joint Commission announced a campaign that will encourage patients to get more involved in their own care and partner with their clinician to better manage pain. [Read More]

AHRQ releases resources to help prevent blood clots
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality released two guides this week aimed at preventing deep vein thrombosis. One of the guides is aimed at consumers and educates about the signs of a blood clot and information about treatment. The other, written for clinicians, gives hospitals and healthcare providers information about processes that can be put in place to prevent blood clots. [Read More]

C. diff more dangerous than MRSA?
Despite hospitals gaining control of other drug-resistant infections such as MRSA, rates of C. diff are rising sharply, and a recent, more virulent strain of the bug is causing more severe complications. [Read More]
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Pennsylvania program to reward hospitals is moving slow
Philadelphia Inquirer - September 15, 2008

Small patients, big consequences in medical errors
New York Times - September 15, 2008

Hospital mistakes going unreported in PA, NJ
Philadelphia Inquirer - September 12, 2008

Product designed to keep better track of surgical sponges
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - September 11, 2008

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