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Does 'Independence'
Truly Matter?
Carrie Vaughan, Editor, Community Hospitals
One thing that community hospitals have in common—at least if they want to be successful in the years ahead—is a strong tie to the community. That connection is what helps keep many of these small-town hospitals open amid declining reimbursement rates and the rising ranks of the uninsured. [Read More]
August 20, 2008
Editor's Picks

Heart center in question
Two Connecticut hospitals are fighting to keep The Heart Center of Greater Waterbury open. The center was started in July 2005 as a three-year demonstration project, but the hospitals have not performed the number of open-heart surgeries required. This story offers a good discussion on whether community hospitals with lower volumes of open-heart surgeries should be allowed to offer the service. [Read More]

Hospital fuses Navajo tradition with modern medicine
A critical-access hospital in northern Arizona formed a Native American cultural committee several years ago to address the cultural sensitivities of its Navajo patients, which account for about 50% of the hospital's admissions. For example, the facility has added traditional Navajo food to its menu, established a six-week medical interpretation program, and constructed an onsite Hogan, which is a traditional Navajo dwelling place used for ceremonial purposes. [Read More]

Physician shortages worse in rural areas
Fifty-six million Americans do not have a regular source of healthcare due to physician shortages in their communities, according to a report released by the National Association of Community Health Centers. This report may not be breaking new ground, but the article does a good job highlighting some of the challenges of family physicians in small communities. [Read More]

The race is on to build a hospital in Hoover, AL
Brookwood Medical Center has thrown its hat in the ring to build a 140-bed hospital in Hoover, AL. Unlike Baptist Health System's proposal, which would transfer 140 beds from a medical center in Birmingham to a medical complex it owns in Jefferson County, Brookwood's proposal would create newly licensed beds. St. Vincent's Health System has indicated that it would like to build a hospital in that region, as well. [Read More]
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Innovative Strategies for Physician-Hospital Alignment
The future of physician-hospital joint ventures is now uncertain thanks to today's struggling economy and pushes for healthcare reform. This is prompting many to seek innovative strategies that will ensure future success. [Read More]
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Critical access keeping rural hospitals afloat
KHI News Service – August 20, 2008
California quashes sale of medical center to Pacific Health
Los Angeles Times – August 15, 2008
Doctors within borders
Newsweek – August 20, 2008
Rural mental health offices expected to close in Nevada
The Dayton Courier – August 20, 2008
Hospital death rates unveiled
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