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Bullies Will Be Bullies
Maureen Larkin, Senior Editor-Quality
If healthcare is serious about putting bad behavior to rest, we'll need more than a disciplinary code. We'll need a culture where bullying isn't tolerated-at all. [Read More]
July 31, 2008
Editor's Picks

Aetna tries paying patients to take their meds
A doctor's expertise only goes so far when patients aren't willing or able to take their medication. How can you provide them with quality care if they're not willing to do their part? Insurance company Aetna is trying a new program where it pays patients to comply with their doctor's directions for taking medication. Will it work? We'll have to wait and see. [Read More]

Surgical errors cost almost $1.5 billion per year
We spend a lot of time talking about the physical and emotional consequences of medical errors, but CEOs know that medical errors also affect the bottom line. A study from the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality shows that $1.5 billion is spent each year on treatment for patients who experience a medical error during or after surgery. [Read More]

Patients turn to advocates to navigate healthcare system
Some patients are hiring firms to work as advocates on their behalf, helping them not only get the answers they need from doctors, but also, finding the best deal. The Associated Press estimates that healthcare advocacy is now a $50 million business in the United States. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

Hospitals try to rein in doctors' rudeness
New York Sun - July 28, 2008

Kansas hospitals won't get payments for errors
The Wichita Eagle - July 27, 2008

Hospital infection control survey highlights hand hygiene
Occupational Health and Safety - July 25, 2008

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Sure, your organization offers sophisticated, compassionate care. But the patients of tomorrow will want much more than that. [Read More]  
  Leaders Forum
Don't wait for a disaster to test emergency systems
Imagine this scenario: a norovirus outbreak hits your hospital's psychiatric unit, prompting an emergency evacuation of multiple units and taking weeks to clear the infection out of the facility. Although you might not consider an event such as this an emergency situation on par with a pandemic flu outbreak or a flood, it certainly feels like a crisis for the facility involved. (From Briefings on Infection Control. Subscription required.) [Read More]
Audio Feature
S. Lee Miller, MD, the lead author of a study that recently examined recorded medical histories of patients admitted to emergency rooms in rural areas, talks about how inaccuracies in medical records lead to inadequate care for patients. [Listen Now]
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