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A Year of Healthcare Marketing
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly e-newsletter and this weekly column on healthcare marketing. And what a fun year it's been—I learn something new every week, often from the generous readers who write to me, sharing their opinions and expertise. A lot has happened during the past year, so I thought I'd update you on some of the topics and stories I've covered (including new developments on two of the most controversial columns I've written). [Read More]
  July 30, 2008

Editor's Picks
Marketing leaders: 'How does that make you feel?'
My new favorite phrase is "brand therapy." The marketing leader is a brand therapist, helping his or her organization "rediscover its core values and purpose among the clutter and confusion of the daily demands," writes marketer Keith Jennings. Does your CEO think branding is all about logos? Repeat after me: "You are feeling very sleepy." [Read More]
Five testimonial tips
Testimonials are a staple of healthcare marketing, but how do you ask your patients for them and—even better—actually get them? Marketing blogger Chris Brown offers five tips that will help you effectively and efficiently collect testimonials, and even offers a bonus fill-in-the-blank form to make sure you get the right information. [Read More]
Pros and cons of YouTube for healthcare marketing
A new YouTube channel for private healthcare organizations in the United Kingdom features "ask the expert" interviews with doctors and other promotional videos (though the pickings at the new microsite are still slim). Marketer Rod Solar writes on his blog about the pros and cons of posting your hospital's videos on YouTube, including some you've probably thought of (what other horrible videos might be on the same page as yours?) and some you might not have (it's difficult to control your brand and the production value of your video). [Read More]
Online anonymity elusive for nurses and docs
If we've learned just one thing from TV's "To Catch a Predator" series, it's that online is not synonymous with anonymous. Unfortunately, some doctors and nurses are learning that lesson the hard way (albeit not in as dramatic a fashion as being caught up in a hidden camera investigation). According to a study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, many doctors and nurses who keep seemingly anonymous blogs inadvertently write enough personal information that their peers and patients can recognize them. And, what's worse, they can write some pretty nasty stuff about the people they're caring for. [Read More]
Hey, big spenders
The 2008 first quarter numbers for global advertising are up 4% from last year. Can you guess which area of marketing had the biggest spike in ad spending? Globally, healthcare retained the majority share, with just over 10% of all advertising activity. A Nielsen Global Consumer Concerns report showed that 9% of the world's buyers view healthcare as their top concern, ultimately feeding the numerous, and costly, marketing campaigns viewed all over the world. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Sweet Charity

The usually talkative radio hosts of ESPN’s Mike and Mike morning show fell silent when they heard the news from Medical City Children’s Hospital CFO Timothy Burroughs at the end of the station’s fundraising drive for cancer research. "We’re just totally inspired with what you guys are doing with cancer research and the V Foundation," Burroughs said. "So we’ve agreed to match the winning bid." [Read More]
Calendar of Events
8/28/08: Marketing to Physicians: Increase Referrals and Grow Market Share

9/9/08: Marketing Obstetrics: Strategies for Service Line Campaigns
9/17/08: SHSMD Annual Conference, San Francisco

10/15/08: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, Chicago

10/16/08: HealthLeaders Media Top Leadership Teams, Chicago
From HealthLeaders Magazine
The Hospital
of the Future

Sure, your organization offers sophisticated, compassionate care. But the patients of tomorrow will want much more than that. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Ten Qualities of Leading Women's Hospitals: The strategic and economic rationale to maintain a strong relationship with female patients is well documented. Now healthcare organizations are renewing their focus in this area, developing new women's hospitals and expanding existing facilities, says contributor Mark Dubow. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Bob Allen, vice president for public relations and government affairs at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY, shares how his hospital's "Expect the Best" campaign helped the hospital grow its OB market share by 15%. [Listen Now]
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