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Checking in with Cleveland Clinic's Chief Experience Officer
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

When I last interviewed Bridget Duffy, MD, she was just getting settled into her new job as Cleveland Clinic's chief experience officer. She's been busy since then, expanding the clinic's focus on the patient experience and customer satisfaction by launching new programs, creating new positions, and making sure patients' and families' voices are heard. [Read More]
  July 23, 2008

Editor's Picks
What did we ever do before the Internet?
I was a reporter before the advent of the World Wide Web—can you imagine having to use the telephone, the library, or microfiche to research an article? It seems so antiquated now. Market research, too, has become a whole lot easier than it was 15 or 20 years ago. But is it necessarily better? This article outlines some online research traps that can derail your marketing strategy, from bad math to unreliable or misleading information. [Read More]
They can do it in Mumbai . . .
Pharmaceutical companies in India are considering adopting the code of conduct being implemented by the industry's trade group in the United States, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. The code discourages financial incentives to doctors who prescribe particular drugs. "Most of the multinational companies want their subsidiaries in other parts of the world, including in India, to follow the ethical practices they follow," said Tapan Ray, director general of the Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India. [Read More]
But not in Massachusetts?
Meanwhile, back in the States, the Massachusetts House of Representatives rejected a ban on the practice of doctors accepting gifts from representatives of pharma companies. The rest of the bill, which was designed to rein in healthcare spending, was approved by the House. Among the initiatives: rewards for primary care physicians who focus on patients with chronic illnesses. I wonder which drugs they'll use to treat those chronic illnesses? [Read More]
Does your site educate?
More fodder for those consumers who do their homework before choosing a physician or hospital for procedures and treatments: Internet entrepreneurs are teaming with doctors, researchers, and other medical professionals to create the Web's largest body of health information. Modeled on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, but written and edited only by trained professionals, the Medpedia Project will publish information that the average patient can understand. Get out ahead of your competition by either linking to such resources site or publishing educational material about your key service lines on your own site. [Read More]
One model for an information-rich site
Looking for a model to drive those information-seeking consumers to your site? Consider the unconventional model that HealthCentral is creating. The company has unleashed dozens of independent Web sites about health topics, all in the hope of drawing people in search of help from others who have similar problems. Each of the HealthCentral sites features information such as symptoms and treatments, and the heart of the sites is a system connecting visitors with doctors and patient bloggers. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
60 Nurses in 60 Days
Click to view larger version.
Sixty nurses in 60 days. Ambitious? Yes. Doable? For Midland (TX) Memorial, absolutely. "In 2007 we hired a recruiting firm," says Robert Dent, vice president of nursing and chief nursing officer for Midland. "We spent $100,000 and recruited just five nurses. After about a year only three of them actually started working here." When the contract renewal time with the firm came around, Dent did some research and decided that Midland could find a way to do better. [Read More]
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Ten Qualities of Leading Women's Hospitals: The strategic and economic rationale to maintain a strong relationship with female patients is well documented. Now healthcare organizations are renewing their focus in this area, developing new women's hospitals and expanding existing facilities, says contributor Mark Dubow. [Read More]
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Learn how and why a Chicago hospital abandoned one service line to focus on another that would attract a lucrative boomer market. Valerie Culver, now Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer for Vista Health System in Waukegan, IL, talks about her experience at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. [Listen Now]
Tom Campbell, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, NJ, discusses how the hospital's partnership with a nationally-known celebrity chef helps attract baby boomers. [Listen Now]
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