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Top 4 Healthcare Feuds
Jim Molpus, Editor-in-Chief, HealthLeaders Media

I am a proud son of the South, and we Southerners know a little something about feuds, grudges, and good old-fashioned hate. In 2005 our magazine took a look at the "Top Four Power Struggles in Healthcare," which we listed then as: Providers versus payers; physicians versus hospitals; free-marketers versus universal-healthcare advocates; and employers versus all of healthcare. Since then some of the struggles have died down, but in three short years a few other healthcare feuds have gotten nasty.
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  July 18, 2008

Editor's Picks
Inflation, oil send costs of medical supplies soaring
Bet you didn't know this: there is a "gas to gloves" link in the economy. That box of latex gloves that cost $2.70 a year or so ago now may go for $3.50 and up because of higher fuel prices, which adds up when you use 16,000 gloves a day at a big hospital. It is a common misconception that healthcare is an "inflation-proof" industry, since demand is not driven by consumer behavior. Maybe "inflation-resistant" is a better word. [Read More]
While the U.S. spends heavily on healthcare, a study faults the quality
The Commonwealth Fund is not known as an organization that regularly spreads sunshine in the healthcare industry, and their latest report on the state of healthcare in the United States is quite troubling. The disconnect between what we pay for healthcare and the value in quality we get out of it is worsening, according the report. [Read More]
Business balking at Massachusetts health changes
The Massachusetts initiative to cover all residents of the state is looking for an additional $100 million to close a fiscal year funding gap. Gov. Deval Patrick is looking for hospitals, health plans, and business to make up the shortfall—a move that may solve short-term funding woes but has long-term implications about the willingness of businesses to go along with the plan. One interesting note is that the state's hospitals would apparently rather swallow this pill than a nurse-staffing ratio pill. [Read More]
The CEO as Mentor
In this month's issue of the magazine, we look at a growing number of healthcare organizations that are recognizing the value of formal mentoring programs. [Read More]
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Congress easily overrides Medicare veto
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Illinois hospitals finalize $160 million merger
Chicago Tribune - July 16, 2008
Some health centers work with doctors' part-time needs
Detroit Free Press - July 15, 2008
Long-term fix is elusive in Medicare payments
New York Times - July 14, 2008
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