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Marketing a (Very) Sensitive Issue
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

I recently found myself clicking on a link that opened an online video—one in a series of humorous ads urging men to check themselves for testicular cancer. The person who forwarded the link to me didn't even know I cover healthcare marketing—he just thought I'd get a laugh out of it. Because, you know, there's nothing funnier than testicular cancer. I wasn't sure how to react. Should I be offended? Or impressed? [Read More]
  July 9, 2008

Editor's Picks
Good news travels fast, too
Many marketers are quick to point their fingers at the media for all of the doom and gloom healthcare horror stories that are out there, but this blogger says those marketers should point those fingers right back at themselves because hospital marketers don't do a very good job of spreading the word about their successes. He says this is party due to most marketers being on constant damage control alert or being tied up with other duties passed off by the CEO. The bottom line: You've got to be your hospital's own advocate. Bad news travels fast, but with a little effort, the good news can too. [Read More]
Rethinking readmission ratings
Today, with just one click of the mouse, consumers can look up the percentage of patients who had to be readmitted due to a preventable condition or infection at any Florida hospital. The government-run website,, allows consumers to key in any in-state hospital and view its readmission rates. Now, once you're finished cringing, listen to this. The Web site also gives hospitals an insight even they didn't have before—what happens to their patients when they end up at their competitors' facilities. Assuming you're not at the very bottom of the pack, those are some stats you can swing in your favor. [Read More]
Fat green cancer sex secret
Have I got your attention? Well, according to this New York Times article, I should. The article says that these are among the latest buzz words that are most effective in grabbing the media and the public's attention. Strategic word selection can keep press releases and direct mail pieces out of spam folders. Also on the list: Safe, easy, trick, and breaking. See how many of these words you can work into your advertising copy—though preferably not all at the same time. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Moving Beyond Traditional Media
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Children's Hospital in Omaha, NE, found itself in an unusual predicament. The facility had been in the market for a while and had good community brand awareness. Now what? Deciding to take advantage of a unique situation, Children's chose to move beyond basic, local, messaging for the first time in order to highlight specific patient stories in new ways.

"We were utilizing existing creative, we had been in the market for a fair amount of time and we needed something new," says Martin W. Beerman, vice president of marketing and community relations for Children's Hospital. To obtain "something new" Children's needed to move beyond its prior institutional focus to a message that was a little more personalized.

[Read More]
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7/24/08: Marketing to Boomers: Strategies to Build Loyalty Now
10/15/08: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, Chicago

10/16/08: HealthLeaders Media Top Leadership Teams, Chicago
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Weaning Your Hospital Off of Medicare

How can your hospital maintain its level of service and its margin? It's time to get creative. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

How to Fix an Underperforming Healthcare Web Site: Everyone knows that having a Web site is absolutely necessary in today's healthcare industry, but did you know that only three out of every 10 Web sites launched are a success? Too often, the culprit is a simple lack of understanding of exactly who the audience is and what they want to accomplish online—a very costly mistake. An underperforming Web site can be a huge drain of time, resources, and money, and can even send the wrong message to your patients and physicians. So it's best to fix it now, before any more money flies out the window. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Learn how and why a Chicago hospital abandoned one service line to focus on another that would attract a lucrative boomer market. Valerie Culver, now Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer for Vista Health System in Waukegan, IL, talks about her experience at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. [Listen Now]
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