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Embrace Your Place in the
Healthcare Market

Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

As far as iconic campaign slogans go, it's hard to beat Avis' "We're number two, but we try harder." It's a fact of business life that somebody has to be number two (or three, or four), especially in the crowded healthcare market. But here's the good news: No matter what your position in the marketplace, chances are there's at least one area where you can excel—where you can try harder and be number one. [Read More]
  June 25, 2008

Editor's Picks
Marketing cause celebre
Here's a refreshingly honest statement: When paparazzi hang outside of hospitals to snap photos of pregnant celebs, it's "great soft marketing." Well, in China, at least. Paparazzi often lurk near United Family Hospitals, which is popular with the rich and famous. "In a way it's great soft advertising for us," Roberta Lipson, co-founder and chief executive of Chindex International, the Bethesda company that runs the facilities, told the Washington Post. Do you think that photographs and video of Jaime-Lynn and Britney Spears coming in and out of your hospital would be good for business? [Read More]
Lights, camera, exposure
Johns Hopkins Hospital is letting the public peek behind the scenes with a second ABC news documentary about the Baltimore institution. Apparently the chance to spread a positive message outweighed any concerns that something might go wrong while the cameras are rolling. Johns Hopkins Hospital officials said after the mostly positive feedback they received following the first documentary, they had few reservations about another documentary. "I think there's a little bit of mystery of what happens in hospitals, and this was a way to get the story out—this is what people do at hospitals when they care for people," Edward D. Miller, dean of the Hopkins medical school and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, told the Post. [Read More]
Tried and true marketing at its best
With all the talk about marketing on the information superhighway it's easy to forget about, well, the regular highway. The JPS Health Network, which has facilities in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX, certainly did not. The health system is embarking on its second phase of an outdoor marketing campaign to promote its trauma and teaching programs. The campaign began last year with—count 'em—18 billboard ads featuring doctors, nurses, and other staff. The new billboards will be showcased in six high-traffic locations. [Read More]
The cost of disclosing costs
Lately more and more outlets seem to be calling for hospitals to disclose their pre-insurance services and procedure costs. This article, for example, notes that the cost of surgery for a spinal fusion of the lower back in southeastern Wisconsin ranges between $25,000 and over $50,000 for just one insurance company, depending on the doctors and the hospitals used. But if your facility suddenly decided to list all of its costs, how would it affect your marketing strategy? It could be a slippery slope, especially considering that many consumers equate high cost with high quality. [Read More]
Doc ratings sites not so influential
According to a poll commissioned by the California HealthCare Foundation, while more than 80% of the state's adults search on the Internet for health-related information, less than one-quarter have visited physician ratings sites. And a mere 2% of those surveyed made a change in physicians based on information posted on a rating site. These stats are good news for hospital marketers worried about having to do damage control for those less-than-sociable physicians. But if a lot of your docs have high ratings, you've got to find a way to make it known. [Read More]
Have a Great Fourth of July!
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, have a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday. HealthLeaders Media Marketing will not publish next week, but will be back July 9.
Campaign Spotlight
Lots in a Logo
Click to view larger version.
What's in a logo? According to St. Mary's Hospital in Passaic, NJ, everything. About four years ago hospitals in Passaic were struggling to survive. The last thing any of the beleaguered hospitals were thinking about was advertising and branding. When St. Mary's emerged from the fray as the area's sole facility, it needed a refreshed image to go with its fresh start. "I needed to begin with the most easily identifiable part of the brand, which is the logo," says Vanessa Warner, director of marketing and public relations for St. Mary's. [Read More]
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Marketing Forum

How to Fix an Underperforming Healthcare Web Site: Everyone knows that having a Web site is absolutely necessary in today's healthcare industry, but did you know that only three out of every 10 Web sites launched are a success? Too often, the culprit is a simple lack of understanding of exactly who the audience is and what they want to accomplish online—a very costly mistake. An underperforming Web site can be a huge drain of time, resources, and money, and can even send the wrong message to your patients and physicians. So it's best to fix it now, before any more money flies out the window. [Read More]
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Luke Johnson, director of international business development, discusses extending CHRISTUS Health operations in Mexico. [Listen Now]
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