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Report Cards for Everyone
Elyas Bakhtiari, Managing Editor

The trend these days in health plans is to put physician performance under a microscope, going so far as to issue publicly-posted report cards that rank physicians relative to their peers. Well, turnabout is fair play. [Read More]
  June 19, 2008

Editor's Picks
New requirement: NPI must match IRS data
CMS has released a new requirement that may complicate the switch to using National Provider Identifiers: Physicians' NPI information must match their IRS legal name exactly. It sounds simple enough, but it may cause major headaches. According to the article, "every aspect of the data must match, including the exact spelling of names, the use of initials, and even blank spaces in the data. The slightest discrepancy could send Medicare claims back to the drawing board." [Read More]
Study finds little progress on EMR adoption
The New England Journal of Medicine published this week an extensive report on EHR adoption that told us what we've been hearing for a while: Physician adoption rates remain low and aren't drastically improving, and financial barriers continue to be the No. 1 reason why. Only 4% of the 2,758 surveyed had an extensive, fully-functional system, and 13% reported having a basic EHR system. [Read More]
"If you sue me, I can't be your physician"
This well-written account of a near malpractice suit will likely have you nodding your head in sympathy or clinching your jaw in anger. After going above and beyond to help a patient who suffered a complication from dental work, Jim Eichel, MD, was almost named in a lawsuit against the dentist, despite objections from the patient. The article has a happy ending, but the journey there speaks volumes about the malpractice climate and the toll the process takes on physicians. [Read More]
Primary care shortage could reach 44,000 by 2025
More research about the shortage of primary care physicians: Researchers at the University of Missouri say the United States could face a shortage of 44,000 family physicians and general internists in less than 20 years. The authors of the study pointed to medical homes and financial incentives as solutions to the primary care shortfall. Neither are new ideas, but the challenge is implementing them fast enough to prevent the problem from getting worse. [Read More]
A good physician boss
Blogger and primary care physician "Dr. Rob" writes about something that isn't taught in medical school: Being the boss of a medical practice. Management and leadership are becoming evermore crucial to running a successful medial practice, but they are also skills that fewer physicians are willing to learn, opting instead for salaried employment. [Read More]
Business Rx
Analyze top two expenses to boost your bottom line:
Because there are limits to revenue increases, overhead management is crucial for physician practices. To get the biggest return on your efforts, begin by analyzing what you currently spend in your two biggest expense categories, which are typically staff wages and rent. [Read More]
Physician News
Board to post Nevada doctors' malpractice history
AP/Reno Gazette-Journal - June 16, 2008
Most cancer doctors avoid saying it’s the end
AP/Yahoo News - June 16, 2008
A virtual doctors lounge to open its doors
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - June 13, 2008
MGMA calls for "time out" in implementation of Stark
Medical Group Management Association - June 19, 2008
Patients defend embattled New York physician
Albany Times-Union - June 19, 2008
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