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Dear CMS…
Maureen Larkin, Senior Editor-Quality
Time is running out to give your comments to CMS on its proposed 2009 Inpatient Prospective Payment System rule. The federal agency is accepting comments about its nine new proposed "never events" and 43 new reporting requirements until June 13. [Read More]
June 5, 2008
Editor's Picks

Your hospital in Consumer Reports?
The nonprofit Consumers Union, responsible for the magazine Consumer Reports, announced that it will begin an online hospital rating service. The site will offer consumers information about how aggressively hospitals treat nine serious conditions, as well as provide average out-of-pocket costs for the nine conditions. For awhile now, many have said that the key to getting consumers more involved in their healthcare is to offer them ratings information they can understand. Will Consumers Union be the ones to finally break through? I'm not convinced. [Read More]

What about diagnostic errors?
Robert Wachter, MD, who writes the blog Wachter's World, questions why there's so much buzz out there about medical errors while diagnostic errors go on everyday with little notice. He points out that someday we may reach a point when all pneumonia patients receive antibiotics and heart patients are given aspirin in a timely manner, but if the doctors giving those orders are wrong in their diagnosis, we really won't have made any advances in patient safety. [Read More]

Doctors fight malpractice info online
The North Carolina Medical Board says it will post malpractice information for each of the state's 22,000 doctors online, but physicians worry the information could mislead the public. [Read More]

Ailing ERs threaten patients
Rising healthcare costs have forced hundreds of hospitals out of business, mostly in poorer areas. Those that remain are racing to trim costs, and there's little incentive to focus on ERs, which are not money-makers. So the sickest patients aren't getting the quality of care they need and communities are left unprepared for disasters. [Read More]

Aligning forces for Quality
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced today that it will give $300 million to a program that will aim to reduce the disparities in healthcare received by minorities and those who live in underserved areas. [Read More]
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