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Subspecialization During a Shortage
Elyas Bakhtiari, Managing Editor

The trend toward subspecialization has benefited the healthcare industry as a whole in many ways. As treatments have become more complex, highly-focused specialists have been able to expand their respective fields of knowledge and improve patient care. But has specialization in medicine gone too far? [Read More]
  June 5, 2008

Editor's Picks
E-prescribing tied to reimbursement fix
I mentioned the rumors in my column a couple of weeks ago, and this Boston Globe article confirms it: Legislators want to attach e-prescribing requirements to a bill that would stop the upcoming 10.6% cut in Medicare payments to physicians. Under the proposal, doctors would receive 2% bonuses beginning next year for using e-prescribing technology, and doctors who don't adopt it by 2011 would see a 1% pay cut, which would expand to 2% by 2013. That's reasonable enough, and it sure beats a 10.6% pay cut today. [Read More]
FTC intervenes in retail clinic battle
The Federal Trade Commission has criticized legislation in Illinois that would place limits on the state's retail clinic industry. The bill, which is backed by the Illinois State Medical Society, would prohibit payers from negotiating copays with retail clinics and includes a number of other restrictions, with possible exemptions for clinics owned by hospitals and physicians. In a 12-page letter, the FTC said the legislation went too far and would "excessively restrict retail clinics to the detriment of Illinois healthcare consumers." [Read More]
Med schools get failing grades on industry ties
The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and doctors/medical students has been a hot topic lately. A new ranking by the American Medical Student Association suggests most schools don't adequately police money, gifts, and drug samples given to doctors and trainees—only seven of 150 schools received an A grade. This debate is heating up, and as I've said before, we'll probably see more aggressive legislative approaches (similar to Massachusetts') to limiting the industry ties. [Read More]
Capitalizing on an EMR
Many physicians are still skeptical about the economics of an EMR investment, so it's nice to hear about practices that are able to make it work. Technology Editor Gary Baldwin has three stories this week about practices that "trimmed expenses, enhanced revenues, and expanded productivity by judicious use of clinical IT and other technological tools." [Read More]
Business Rx
Weigh the pros and cons of outsourced billing:
Physicians and practice managers may sometimes feel like they are running after dimes and nickels. However, the cost of collecting those coins can quickly add up, especially if you do not have an efficient billing system, which is why some medical practices decide to outsource their billing. [Read More]
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