HealthLeaders Media IT - June 3, 2008 | Capitalizing on an EMR
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Capitalizing on an EMR
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

One of the most frequently cited reasons for the underutilization of clinical IT by physician groups is that of mismatched economics. But several speakers at this year's TEPR conference turned that notion on its head. Representing a range of practice sizes, these speakers detailed how their groups had trimmed expenses, enhanced revenues, and expanded productivity by judicious use of clinical IT and other technological tools. [Read More]
June 3, 2008  
Editor's Picks
Monkeys control robots with their minds
A researcher at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has trained monkeys to use a robotic device controlled by sensors implanted in their brains. This remarkable story includes a video link showing the robot in action. Researcher Andrew Schwartz thinks the technology will be ready for testing in humans within a couple of years. He already has one willing subject—a paralyzed former ironworker eager to enhance the quality of his life. [Read More]

Robotic woman gives birth
A community hospital in Colorado deploys a robot to simulate childbirth. The technology is used to train nurses and caregivers in delivering babies. The baby robot is programmed to be realistic, and can turn blue if he has trouble breathing. Normal color returns upon proper application of a breathing tube. The robotic mom's features include a programmable hemorrhage that uses simulated blood and catheterization with flow of fake urine. As her uterus is massaged, it shrinks, and an instructor can reduce the bleeding. She can undergo vertex, breech and C-section deliveries. "What we want people to do is practice, practice, practice, so when it happens with a real patient they're very comfortable," said Laurale Cross, director of the hospital's Family Birthplace. [Read More]

Op-ed column urges health IT
The Washington Times recently published this editorial urging adoption of health IT. It cites the Rand study, which claims the industry can save $81 billion in healthcare costs by implementing clinical IT. The arguments raised in this piece—apparently written by a consumer—may be old hat to many industry insiders. And the Rand number should not go unchallenged, in my view. Nevertheless, articles like this suggest that the public drum beat for industry reform, IT adoption included, will continue to get louder. [Read More]
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Privacy versus portability
ECT News Network - June 3, 2008

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Dallas Morning News - May 28, 2008

Hospitals, patients clash on privacy rights
San Francisco Chronicle - May 27, 2008
Events & Product News
Keane wins $1.5 million EMR contract

Tool looks to map, monitor, manage DICOM devices

Site targets medical tourists

Kolodner to address IT summit
June 17, 2008: Marketing Oncology: Strategies for Service Line Campaigns
On Demand: 5 Easy-to-use New Media Options for Healthcare Marketers
On Demand: Service Line Strategies Workshop: Oncology
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