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Physician, Market Thyself
Elyas Bakhtiari, Managing Editor

It wasn't long ago that many physicians considered "marketing" a dirty word. Most doctors choose the field of medicine because of an interest in patient care, so it's not surprising that some would find the concept of selling or pushing their services to be in conflict with the Hippocratic oath. But times have changed. [Read More]
  May 29, 2008

Editor's Picks
Doorknob diagnoses
In this New England Journal of Medicine piece, Perri Klass, MD, recounts a "doorknob moment"—when a patient reveals relevant information or asks a question as the doctor is heading out the door. Sometimes it's anxiety or embarrassment that makes a patient wait until the end of an exam to bring up an issue, but as Klass notes, these moments can cause physicians a lot of stress. It's tough to completely change patient behavior, but I wonder if any practices have found effective procedures for reducing these doorknob moments. Have you? [Read More]
Doc sues hospital, claiming retaliation
An obstetrician and gynecologist is suing Memorial Hospital Los Banos (CA), claiming the hospital retaliated against him because he complained to the state about their standard of care. The hospital was reprimanded by the California Department of Health Services after the physician filed a complaint about care conditions in 2004, and he claims that the hospital retaliated by giving him bad recommendations when he tried to get another job. If true, the hospital should be held accountable. Doctors shouldn't fear punishment for trying to improve a facility's quality of care. [Read More]
Free trade in healthcare
This Wall Street Journal opinion piece takes a look healthcare reform and argues that "free trade" for doctors (i.e., allowing more foreign-trained physicians into the United States) is essential to any reform efforts. The authors criticize Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for their "antipathy to foreign trade", but there are also some obstacles on the other side of the aisle in the form of restrictions on immigration that they overlook. We'll need foreign physicians more than ever as the shortage intensifies, and both parties need to recognize their value and develop policies to boost their numbers. [Read More]
Web can sicken doctors' careers
There have been a lot of articles about online physician ratings recently, but I found this one particularly interesting because of how it illustrates the possible negative aspects. After a patient was unhappy with a cosmetic nose surgery, she filed a complaint against the physician with the state's medical board and consulted a lawyer about a malpractice suit. She didn't have success with either of these, so she turned to an online rating Web site and wrote a negative, but what she deemed honest, review of the doctor. Patients should have ways for addressing poor care episodes, but it is concerning that patients can turn to this unregulated outlet when "official" forms of discipline fail. [Read More]
Business Rx
Learn Customer Service Lessons From Disney:
Have you ever considered modeling your patient satisfaction goals after some of the best customer service providers in the country, such as the Walt Disney Company? Many of Disney's techniques for boosting customer satisfaction can be applied to healthcare organizations. [Read More]
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