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'Stop promoting people!' (and even more surprises overheard in healthcare)
Molly Rowe, Senior Editor-Leadership

Last week, I wrote about some of the surprises I'm hearing in healthcare when it comes to recruitment and retention—sentences like "turnover is good," "signing bonuses don't work," and "we don't own our nurses." I heard a lot more about this subject over e-mail. Here's what readers had to say.
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  May 16, 2008

Editor's Picks
MDs at Beverly, MA, hospital vote to rebuff hospital's executive
Physician relations may be a hospital executive's most important and complicated job. Take this hospital from Massachusetts, where the medical staff recently took a vote of no confidence in the CEO. The docs say the vote was a result of poor communication and one-sided decision-making. Other leaders would be wise to learn from examples like this because, perhaps more than ever, hospitals can't afford to tick off their physicians. [Read More]
Doctors can help lower hospitals costs
Companies outside of healthcare have already seen the bottom-line benefits of "gainsharing," (an employee incentive system designed to improve productivity and reduce waste) but a new study out this week says it may also have a place in hospitals. Researchers say offering money to doctors for cutting costs can reduce hospital costs by about $315 per patient without sacrificing quality or patient care. [Read More]
Viral leadership
Smart leaders know that organizational success takes more than healthcare know-how—it takes a blend of the best business practices found inside and outside of healthcare. In this article, Mike Murphy, CEO of Sharp Healthcare in San Diego, describes how his organization used Baldridge criteria, Six Sigma, Disney consultants, and the input of unhappy patients to implement systemwide quality improvement initiatives. [Read More]
Physician Hat Tricks
The role of physician leader is becoming increasingly important as hospitals and physicians become more integrated. But what makes a good physician leader? As one CEO recently told me, it takes a lot more than an MD and an MBA. My colleague Elyas Bakhtiari writes about what distinguishes a physician leader from other doctors in this week's column, Physician Hat Tricks. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines
Cleveland Clinic to pay tuition for medical school students
Cleveland Plain Dealer - May 15, 2008
Former Atlanta hospital CEO sues, saying firing 'malicious'
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - May 13, 2008
Insurers pay caregivers to track patients
Philadelphia Inquirer - May 13, 2008
Nurses' union pushes for better staffing
Miami Herald - May 13, 2008
Study: Telemedicine a cost-effective alternative to ER visits
HealthDay/Washington Post - May 12, 2008
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