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'Turnover is good' (and other surprises overheard in healthcare)
Molly Rowe, Senior Editor-Leadership

Healthcare leaders spend a lot of time predicting and planning for the future, but when it comes to hiring and retaining employees, I hear a lot more about future problems than I hear possible solutions. Regardless of what the future holds for healthcare and hospitals, most experts agree that recruiting and retaining enough employees will take a lot of change—something that healthcare isn't always good at.
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  May 9, 2008

Editor's Picks
Medical tourism is still small
Healthcare journalists (myself included) have written a lot lately about the "threat" of medical tourism. The reality is that, while we might be talking a lot about globalized healthcare, not many people are using it. A study released this week says 60,000 to 85,000 patients a year travel to another country for inpatient healthcare—but Americans account for only 9% of that total. This doesn't mean you can discount medical tourism altogether. As the article points out, the "number one factor" influencing how global healthcare goes is whether insurers, employers, and the government start supporting it. From an insurer standpoint, we're already starting to see that happen. [Read More]
Slowdown's side effect: More nurses
The economic slowdown is good for at least one thing: easing the nursing shortage (at least temporarily). Hospitals say part-time nurses are taking on extra shifts, older nurses are putting off retirement, and nursing schools have seen an uptick in applicants for "refresher" courses. [Read More]
Health clinics inside stores likely to slow their growth
The retail clinic concept is losing popularity among venture capitalists and private-equity firms. Why? Because convenience care is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Breakeven takes longer and clinic oversight is more difficult than some clinic operators originally thought. This doesn't mean retail clinics are a bad growth strategy for hospitals (in fact, the article says hospital-run clinics have the best chance at survival) but leaders need to fully research the idea before rushing to open. [Read More]
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