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Readers Write
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

Time to open up the mailbag and acknowledge some of the great letters I have received. My article, “Say What?” easily drew the most mail since I began writing this column. I thought the column might irritate people in the PR biz, but they enthusiastically supported me. [Read More]
May 6, 2008  
Editor's Picks
Prepping robots to perform surgery
This New York Times article points out that many urologists performing prostate surgery view the movements of a robot as the best way to spare nerves crucial to bladder control and sexual potency. A robot's ability to deftly handle small tools also may lead to a less invasive procedure and faster recovery for a patient. In addition, robots can protect surgeons from physical stress and exposure to X-rays that may force them into premature retirement. To me, it's another example of how procedure-based technology in the U.S. soars, while information technology lags. Despite the gulf, it's inspiring to think of how arming surgeons with these tools can only make them better at their job. That's one reason they've adopted, not resisted, the technology.. [Read More]

Home monitoring program improves outcomes for heart patients
Here's another story from tech innovator Massachusetts General Hospital, part of Partners Health in Boston. The story details how remote monitoring can improve the condition of mobile heart failure patients and may reduce hospital readmissions. The study examined 150 patients. Once a hospital builds its EMR—as Partners has done—connecting with patients becomes the logical next step. I've spoken with several hospital execs who are eyeing a similar path. They are just not that far along yet. The article below talks about potential federal involvement. [Read More]

Medicare could cover remote monitoring
A bill is introduced to expand federal coverage for home-based monitoring systems. [Read More]

New Jersey lax on Medicaid data
Here's a wrinkle on the "claims quagmire" story that I have been following. In this case, the claims processing system may be an unintended gateway to private information. New Jersey has not monitored access to key personal information in a computer system that tracks care for the poor, making it possible that Social Security numbers and other information about doctors and patients have been misused, according to a state audit. The analysis determined that the Department of Human Services lacks appropriate security policies and procedures for the computer system it uses to process claims for more than one million New Jersey Medicaid patients. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Celebrity-snooping ex-UCLA Medical Center staffer is indicted
Los Angeles Times - April 30, 2008

"Chief Blogging Officer" title catching on with corporations
Advertising Age - May 6, 2008

CalPERS to support health information technology project
CalPERS - May 6, 2008
Events & Product News
Wireless homecare system launched in Spain

Equity firm backs away from Agfa takeover

Real-life iron man
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