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Molly Rowe, Senior Editor-Leadership

I read a statistic that said humans speak at a rate of about 150 words per minute but can understand up to 3,000. If that’s true, why does it so often seem that people only hear half of what we say? Over time, we’ve learned to fill that empty space with other things (e-mails, doodling, ESPN) and, as a result, we’ve gone from being overly qualified listeners to woefully incompetent. We are genetically predestined to be bad listeners, and leaders, I’m sorry to say, may be the worst.
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  May 2, 2008

Editor's Picks
Delaware doctors to monitor Maryland ICU patients electronically
Welcome to the hospital of the future. Facing a shortage of ER docs, six Maryland hospitals plan to use doctors in Delaware to monitor about 150 patients in their ICUs. I'm sure we'll see many more virtual care arrangements like this as physician numbers dwindle and patient populations grow. [Read More]
One in four uninsured are eligible for aid but aren't enrolled
A report out this week says that one in four Americans without health insurance are eligible for Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program but aren't enrolled because they don't know the programs are available, they don't know how to enroll, or they're embarrassed to be linked to a public program. Maybe we should try universal education before universal insurance? This wouldn't solve the problem of the uninsured but it would solve a quarter of it—and that's about 12 million people. [Read More]
Does the idea of digitizing your medical records make you nervous?
I'm relieved to know I'm not the only person nervous about online medical records. Digitizing healthcare information seems like a great idea—and I'm sure it is—but discussions like this highlight the amount of education and security that organizations need to provide before consumers hop on board. [Read More]
The customer-centered innovation map
Smart CEOs know that innovation may be the only solution for healthcare's biggest challenges like staffing shortages, aging patients, and increased competition. This month's Harvard Business Review explains job-mapping, a seemingly basic process for encouraging staff innovation while getting the job done. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines
Health savings accounts growing in popularity
AP/Yahoo News - May 2, 2008
Hospitals face financial squeeze
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - April 30, 2008
Loyola hospitals chief making a mark in a hurry
Chicago Tribune - April 28, 2008
Across U.S., anxiety over access to patient records
USA Today - April 29, 2008
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Healthcare 2015: Win-win or lose-lose?: The current paths of many healthcare systems around the world will become unsustainable by 2015. Healthcare systems that fail to transform will likely require immediate and major forced restructuring. There is a more positive scenario that will require new levels of accountability, tough decisions and hard work.

Healthcare 2015 and U.S. health plans: New roles, new competencies: The U.S. healthcare system is on an unsustainable path. Health plan providers must help shape and lead the healthcare transformation or risk being marginalized.

In the interest of the patient: This paper explores how by collaborating and sharing data, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries can realize the full value of the information they collect--and improve patient treatments.

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Defense vs. Offense: Hospital Employment of Physicians: Contributor John G. Larson, PhD, discusses the benefits and models of hospital-employed physicians. [Read More]
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