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Greening the White Coats
Elyas Bakhtiari, Managing Editor

When the president of the AMA issues a call to action to physicians, it usually is related to reimbursement cuts, malpractice litigation, or another familiar advocacy issue tied to the business of medicine. But when AMA President Ronald M. Davis, MD, addressed physicians in an AMA eVoice column last week, he asked for physician commitment to a different cause-making healthcare "green." [Read More]
  April 24, 2008

Editor's Picks
Increase in diagnostic imaging fueled by self-referrers
Many have argued that the increase in diagnostic imaging is caused primarily by defensive medicine—physicians are often afraid of getting sued and over-test to cover their bases. There's some truth to that, but a new study suggests another culprit: Self-referring physicians. The study focused on privately-insured patients, but if CMS starts to see a pattern, we could see this issue addressed again in another round of changes to the Stark self-referral law. [Read More]
Group urges ban on medical giveaways
The Association of American Medical Colleges capped off a two-year reform effort this week by unveiling a policy that calls for banning drug companies from offering gifts, travel, food, and ghost-writing services to physicians and students in the nation's medical colleges. Gifts to doctors may be a long-standing tradition, but look for the backlash to pick up steam. Massachusetts recently became the first state to completely ban drug company gifts, and more may follow. [Read More]
New-school medicine
The Wall Street Journal takes a look at younger physicians' preference for "controllable" lifestyles and how the attitude change is giving rise to a more team-based approach to care. Much has been said about younger physicians being less productive, but let's accept the fact that they have different work styles and aren't going to suddenly change. The key, then, is to develop new care models and practice styles that emphasize younger physicians' strengths. We've already seen that with hospitalists. What new models will be developed down the road? [Read More]
Healthcare flunks customer service
Nearly one-in-five Americans think healthcare providers give worse customer service than airlines, according to a survey conducted by management consulting firm Katzenbach Partners. Forty percent think healthcare providers are worse than banks. The consequence? Nearly one-quarter have switched or thought of switching providers because of customer service issues. Some think linking payment to patient satisfaction scores will help, but the problem seems too pervasive to be fixed by that alone. [Read More]
Business Rx
Survey staff members to identify poor service:
A staff satisfaction survey used in conjunction with a patient satisfaction survey can help provide your management team with a complete picture illustrating how to better serve your patients. [Read More]
Physician News
Delaware doctors to monitor Maryland ICU patients electronically
Washington Post - April 29, 2008
Exodus of specialists from ERs raises concerns in California
Los Angeles Times - April 25, 2008
Senate fast-tracks Medicaid bill
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - April 25, 2008
Tennessee governor to get bill limiting medical malpractice
The Tennessean - April 25, 2008

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Faith in the Hospital
HealthLeaders February 2008
In a shifting healthcare world, faith-based systems face a new set of challenges in their quest to stay true to their mission. [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

Find Strength in Numbers: Contributor Max Reiboldt, CPA, author of Physician Entrepreneurs: Strength in Numbers and CEO of The Coker Group, takes a look at market forces that are making consolidation and collaboration strategies essential for physician practice success. [Read More]
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Lessons Learned: James Hartert, MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer for MinuteClinic, speaks with Bob Wertz of HealthLeaders Media at the Yale School of Management Healthcare 2008 Conference. In part three of a three-part interview, Hartert discusses what physicians might learn from the MinuteClinic experience. You can find parts one and two of the interview at [Listen Now]
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