HealthLeaders Media Community and Rural Hospital Weekly - April 30, 2008
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The Nearest ED is How Far?
Carrie Vaughan, Editor, Community Hospitals
I was scanning the news when the headline "Duh! Science confirms the obvious" caught my eye. What I found was a number of studies trying to scientifically prove conventional wisdom, such as vacations are better without your cell phone, teenagers drink to have fun, and you catch the flu in winter. I paused when I got to, "Long ambulance rides make you more likely to die." [Read More]
April 30, 2008
Editor's Picks

Collaboration improves quality
This story demonstrates how hospitals that work together can improve quality. A voluntary affiliation of 39 hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area drastically reduced cases of ventilator-associated pneumonia and central line-associated bloodstream infections. One of the key benefits of the effort was that it enabled hospitals to share lessons learned and best practices—even though some hospitals were direct competitors. [Read More]

Filling the gap
New legislation may help relieve the shortage of emergency medical personnel in rural areas. U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced legislation that would accelerate and streamline civilian paramedic training for returning veterans who already have emergency medical experience. [Read More]

Community relations
This story touches on an interesting challenge for hospitals that oppose new hospital construction or surgery centers in their community. How to get the community back on your side if you succeed? Right or wrong, there is usually are large number of residents who support the new hospital or surgery center, so how do you convince them that your hospital is ready and able to meet their needs. [Read More]

New hospitals still under debate
Here are examples of two hospitals that are trying to stamp out the competition before it is constructed. Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, TN, has decided to appeal the approval of HCA/TriStar's application to build a 56-bed hospital in Spring Hill. Likewise, St. Cloud Regional Medical Center in Saint Cloud, FL, is trying to stop Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee from building a hospital in Poinciana with as many as 120 beds.
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The Bigger Picture: Seeing Beyond the Bottom Line for Business
VHA Inc. is introducing its Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability Scorecard as a way for healthcare companies—for-profit or nonprofit—to show accountability, sustainability, and transparency for its business. Curt Nonomaque, VHA's president and CEO, says businesses need to be able to see beyond the bottom line to achieve the benefits from such a focus. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

One in four uninsured eligible for aid but not enrolled
HealthDay/Washington Post - April 28, 2008
Cash before chemo: Hospitals get tough
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - April 28, 2008
Providing healthcare an increasing challenge for small business
Business Journal of Milwaukee - April 25, 2008
Senate fast-tracks Medicaid bill
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - April 25, 2008
Hospital planned for Lake Worth, TX, area
Fort Worth Star-Telegram - April 23, 2008
Possible buyer emerges for Illinois hospital
Chicago Tribune - April 23, 2008
Sanford, FL, hospital tightens security after baby taken
Orlando Sentinel - April 22, 2008
An unhealthy trend: U.S. has fewer general surgeons
Orlando Sentinel - April 22, 2008
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Faith in the Hospital
In a shifting healthcare world, faith-based systems face a new set of challenges in their quest to stay true to their mission. [Read More]
Community Call
Discussion Board
Each week, Community Call will pose a question to encourage community and rural hospital leaders to share success stories and best practices. This week's question is "Any suggestions on how to communicate your strategic plan to employees so that they pay more attention to it?"
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Rapid Response Systems for Small Hospitals: In an upcoming May 14 audioconference, expert Kathy Duncan will break down the key components of creating an effective rapid response system, and provide suggestions for initiating the culture change necessary to ensure success. Listen for a preview. [Listen Now]