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The Relative Merits of Non-Boomer Customers
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

To be honest, I'm a little sick of the Baby Boomers. And because we've been talking about the impact they'll have on the healthcare system for so long, I thought it was high time to change the subject. That's why I set out to write a story about the ways that healthcare marketers can reach out to younger generations of healthcare consumers. [Read More]
  April 30, 2008

Editor's Picks
Patient experience in the balance
Phyllis Anderson, the VP of corporate marketing at Humana, is a strong believer of marketing from the inside out. Creating viable consumer experiences is what healthcare marketers should be focusing on, she says in this interview, adding that marketers must find and implement the correct message, channel, and frequency in order to foster a favorable image. However, she also points out that there is a time for listening to patients, and there is a time for leading them. It's all about having the right balance. [Read More]
Don't let this opportunity go up in smoke
When hospitals across the country banned smoking, marketers stepped in to help communicate the new rules to internal and external audiences. But it turns out that many people are breaking the rules, which could hit hospitals where it hurts. The Joint Commission says hospitals at a minimum cannot allow smoking in buildings. Beyond that, hospitals must follow the extra smoking rules they set up, and too many violations can jeopardize government funding. The upside? It's a perfect opportunity for marketing to step in with a follow-up effort, showing off the department's flair for communicating messages effectively, and proving its financial value. [Read More]
No longer a bridesmaid
It took Mercy Health System, which serves southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, seven years to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award—and they were runners up for three years running. But, after all, the reward lies in the journey, not the destination. "The true goal, and why we started this, was to improve our quality and our overall organizational excellence," said Javon Bea, Mercy's chief executive and president. In 1989 the system had revenue of $33 million a year and was losing money. It now expects to have revenue of about $850 million for its fiscal year ending June 30. [Read More]
All is flux—especially in this economy
Will the current economic downturn affect consumer behavior for a few months . or forever? One brand strategy VP argues the latter: Our customers' behavior is changing right under our noses, he writes. "When the economy bounces back, you might find that what motivates consumers to choose or not choose your brand has changed. This is critical learning that needs to be sought now, not after you launch a shiny new post-recession ad campaign." He offers four steps marketers can take to better understand how this major change is affecting consumers. [Read More]
PSA asks men to undress
Real men wear gowns. No, that isn't meant as a modern statement on gender roles—it's the slogan of a new joint Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Ad Council initiative to get more men into doctors' offices. Men are 25% less likely to have visited a doctor in the past year than women, and usually only make an appointment if they are experiencing symptoms. And by that point it could be too late. That's why the campaign is targeting men over 40 and attempting to convince them that preventive care is the way to go. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Multi-Integrated Approach, In-House Design
Click to view Commercial.
When a local reporter said during a tour of the Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, SC, that the organization's safety system was impressive, the hospital realized it should promote that strength to the community. "There was a lot of national attention on patient safety in hospitals so we really wanted to take the route of getting information out before anyone questioned [our safety]," says Todd Augsburger, COO for the facility. That's how the organization came to create the budget-friendly, in-house designed "Patient Safety 24/7" campaign. [Read More]
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