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How to Clean up Your Image in Just Three Easy Steps
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

"The patient experience" is all the rage right now. And it makes sense: Make a good impression on patients and their visitors and they'll say good things about you. That spreads positive word of mouth to other patients and referring physicians. And that ultimately helps the bottom line. And because I care about your bottom line, I am going to share with you a three-step process guaranteed to improve patient and visitor experience, perception, satisfaction, and word of mouth. [Read More]
  April 23, 2008

Editor's Picks
Serious about service lines (finally)
In his blog, Heath Markets Guru, Michael Harris raises an interesting question: Why is service line growth so new to hospital executives? He quotes administrators at one hospital who said in a memo about service lines that they are "finally ready to take this seriously." I was surprised, and so was Harris. "It never ceases to amaze me how health organizations rarely [apply] the practices of health diagnostics and treatment to their own" finances, he writes. [Read More]
The latest trend: Too many trends
Marketers must embrace the important trends in order to respond quickly and intelligently to the latest desires of their customers. But the emphasis is on important because there are so many trends out there that it's not only impossible to keep up, but also a waste of time to try to track and respond to all of them. The solution, according to this article: Ignore the microtrends and focus on macrotrends—those fundamental, societal shifts that influence consumer attitudes over a long period of time. [Read More]
E-mail marketing for dummies
You may be overwhelmed at the idea of implementing e-mail marketing campaigns for your hospital. And for those of you that use e-mail marketing already, you may not have your campaigns completely under control. But e-mail campaigns play a crucial role in hospital marketing these days. This Inc. Magazine article breaks down all main electronic managing services and spells out which company is best for each e-mail marketing technique. From text messages to beginner bulk e-mail blasts, this guide will tell you what's what. [Read More]
Plastic promotions: The hard truth
Know what I did with the Nalgene water bottle I picked up from an exhibitor at last year's SHSMD conference? After hearing that the hard plastic water bottles might be leaching trace amounts of the toxin bisphenol-a, or BPA, I dumped it right into the recycling bin (after all, it was Earth Day). So, what are you going to do with all those bottles emblazoned with your hospital's logo left over after your last wellness fair? One thing you might consider: informing health-conscious consumers about the dangers of toxins in everyday items from plastic bottles to non-stick pans. Have you posted an article on your Web site on the topic? Linked to more information on how to identify which water bottles are dangerous? Offered up your doctors as expert sources? Well, what are you waiting for? [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
A 'Magnet' for Attention
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After a few years of consumer research and trial and error, Southern Ohio Medical Center had found that its most effective marketing centered on patient and professional testimonials. However, when they won the prestigious Magnet Award for nursing, they discovered that incorporating news of the award into their plans made them a 'magnet' for attention. Southern Ohio Medical Center decided to take a testimonial spin on announcing the Magnet Award to the community it serves. [Read More]
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5/29/08: Healthcare branding: Advanced strategies to overcome common challenges

10/15/08: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, Chicago

10/16/08: HealthLeaders Media Top Leadership Teams, Chicago

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From HealthLeaders Magazine
Faith in the Hospital

In a shifting healthcare world, faith-based systems face a new set of challenges in their quest to stay true to their mission. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

The Difference Between Lightning and Lightning Bugs: While most people fundamentally agree that marketing is a necessity when it comes to competing for dollars, the often unmeasurable aspects of marketing rarely fare well on the CFO's balance sheet. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, CA, is one of a growing number of organizations that have added the position of chief strategy officer to their executive suite. In this interview, CEO Christopher Dawes discusses this new role and why it makes strategic sense. [Listen Now]
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