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"World's Best Boss"? Says Who?
Molly Rowe, Senior Editor-Leadership

Are you a good leader? Asking that question is a lot like asking whether you're a good parent. I mean, everybody thinks they are. How many fathers would say, "I'm a terrible dad." Leaders are much the same. But how do you really know? For parents, the answer often comes 20-30 years in, when your children become functioning, responsible, happy adults. But CEOs don't have that kind of time. [Read More]
  April 18, 2008

Editor's Picks
Study: Boomers to flood medical system
I've talked to a number of senior leaders lately who have added palliative care programs to care for the sick and aging, and units specifically designed to care for the elderly. Most say they have a hard time finding qualified leaders for these programs. That's not going to get any easier, according to an IOM report released Monday. [Read More]
Too many heart centers, not enough transplants
Rarely do you read a story of too many healthcare resources and not enough patients, but that's the problem in Chicago when it comes to heart transplant centers. The Windy City ties Philly as the city with the most heart transplant centers, but the city's largest programs each perform about two heart transplants a month, far fewer than those at medical centers in other big cities. As more and more hospitals add money-making service lines, will cities be over-run with cardiac, orthopedic, and oncology care but still have a shortage of primary-care physicians? [Read More]
A firm cracks down on BlackBerry use
From the business world outside of healthcare, news of a CrackBerry crack-down. A law firm in New York has declared certain meetings cell-phone and BlackBerry-free. The blog posts to this story are almost as good as the news itself. Apparently PDAs aren't as popular as they used to be. As one reader commented, "It's now cooler not to be required to carry one." Another poster says he charges his staff $1 for every time they touch their BlackBerries in meetings. And one CrackBerry addict wrote, "I take showers and keep my BlackBerry by the towel rack wrapped in a plastic bag. If I get the double buzz, of course I answer it." [Read More]
This Week's Headlines
GAO report calls for better hospital standards
Baltimore Sun - April 17, 2008

Former senators tackle health issues
AP/Yahoo News - April 17, 2008

SSM Healthcare-St. Louis launches integrated EMR system
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - April 16, 2008

Factories fading, hospitals step in
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - April 15, 2008
Congress aims to ease doctor shortage
Hartford Courant - April 14, 2008
Doctors got off lighter in UCLA snooping case
Los Angeles Times - April 14, 2008

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Accountable for Quality

HealthLeaders April 2008 Listing quality among your organization's strategic pillars is one thing. Basing your leaders' annual compensation on it is quite another. [Read More]
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    Failure to Prepare for the Boomers is Risky: Contributor Edward M. Hindin discusses the aging population and what providers can do to prepare. [Read More]
    Audio Feature

    Chief of Strategy: Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, CA, is one of a growing number of organizations that have added the position of chief strategy officer to their executive suite. In this interview, CEO Christopher Dawes discusses this new role and why it makes strategic sense. [Listen Now]
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