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Readers Write
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

It's been a while since I opened up the mailbag and shared its contents with you, but over the past few months readers have weighed in on several issues, from new media to HCAHPS to physician relations to monkeys. As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts, opinions, and expertise--and keep those letters coming. [Read More]
  April 16, 2008

Editor's Picks
Integration is making you crazy
In last week's column, The New Marketing Mix, I wrote that marketers seem to be of mixed minds when it comes to the new and traditional media mix. Now a survey confirms what most of you already knew: The challenge of integrated marketing is the number one concern of senior marketers. Rounding out the top five were marketing accountability, aligning the marketing organization with innovation, brand building, and media proliferation. [Read More]
In Boston, a move to constrict expansion
In the tight Boston-area market, some larger medical centers are starting to move into the suburbs, competing with the many community hospitals outside of the city. Now the state Department of Public Health is saying these moves potentially duplicate services and put community hospitals in a situation where they cannot win competitively. The agency is considering a proposal that would require hospitals to prove they will not duplicate existing services before they can expand to a new location. [Read More]
DMC grabs market share from the air
Here's one way to expand your market reach: Buy a helicopter. The Detroit Medical Center recently relaunched an air transport program that makes it easier for doctors at out-state hospitals to send critically injured or ill patients to their facility via helicopter. While the hospital has for years had the capability to bring in patients through its helipad, DMC officials say they hadn't actively promoted its use until recently. [Read More]
Marketers to customers: And you are.?
As a hospital marketer who is on the ball (and of course you are) you've probably got a pretty good handle on your target audience and the needs of your market. Or do you? Well brace yourself for this one: A new CMO Council study says that only 16% of companies rate themselves as effective or extremely good when it comes to customer relationship management. Of the more than 450 marketers polled worldwide, 45% said their business was deficient at leveraging customer information. [Read More]
And the award goes to. . .
It can be tricky to solicit positive patient feedback while they're lying in their hospital bed or after they've left the facility and are on the mend. But DeTar Hospital in Victoria, TX, has found a way to encourage patient input while celebrating their nursing staff--the Patient Choice Awards. The hospital's marketing director says they are receiving several nominations a day, and are beginning to put recommendation forms on each breakfast tray. The winning nurse will be awarded $500. Not a bad way to boost both internal satisfaction and patient perceptions of your hospital. [Read More]
Score one for marketing
HCAHPS scores are a hot topic for local newspapers right now, but this article also focuses on the marketing benefits of all kinds of scores, rankings, ratings, awards, and other data. Winning awards for clinical excellence, low mortality rates, customer satisfaction, financial astuteness, and other achievements benefits hospitals and prospective patients, officials from Memorial Health System and Penrose-St. Francis Health Services tell The (Colorado Springs) Gazette. An interesting side note: A reader comment on the story contends it is degrading to refer to patients or potential patients as "consumers." [Read More]
Is it time for a change in ad tactics?
If your advertising agency asked you to try something new, would you trust them enough to take the leap into the unknown? Or would you trust that you're on the right course and stick to it? There are three instances when you should take the leap, according to this article. [Read More]
Learn from others' online ad mistakes
Look past the cheesy stock photo on this blog post about blog advertising and you'll find some pretty good advice about what makes a good online display ad. Or, rather, what makes a really horrible online display ad. "You can't just re-cycle traditional advertising onto blogs and expect new results," writes blogger B.L. Ochman. "Without great creative—which is in very short supply—blog advertising will fail." [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Fusing Fort Healthcare's Branding
Click to view pdf. Fort Healthcare, a community healthcare system in Fort Atkinson, WI, was faced with opposition: from their own competing campaign messages. In a money and brand saving strategy, Fort Healthcare created a marketing campaign that would fuse the brand with a central message for all its facilities. Working with NOISE, Inc. Branding Communications, a full service agency in Milwaukee, Fort Healthcare used its budget to develop a multi-integrated brand and image initiative. [Read More]
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