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The New Marketing Mix
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders Media

A funny thing happened this week at a conference session on balancing your marketing mix with traditional and new media: The emphasis was not on new media. To be fair, it wasn't on television, radio, outdoor, direct mail, or print, either. Nor did the speakers focus on events, community relations, physician relations, or internal communication. And that's the point: There's no single magical tactic that will make customers flock to your hospital. [Read More]
  April 9, 2008

Editor's Picks
Cardio-centric hospitals go at it
Two Orlando-area hospitals are bombarding central Florida's highways with billboard advertisements for their cardiology departments. Florida Hospital and Orlando Regional Healthcare are both taking the gloves off, which might be the only way to ensure success in the region's highly competitive healthcare market. Each organization is touting its 24-hour emergency and cardiology facilities, along with its most current procedure technologies, in an attempt to become the market leader. [Read More]
Sorry, for-profit hospitals: Price does matter
One non-profit Atlanta hospital is proving that it can throw down with the big money-making healthcare intuitions in the marketing arena. The result: proof that price matters to consumers. When Emory Healthcare recently launched a radio ad promoting its inexpensive heart scan it received more than 2,000 responses -- and the ad just started airing in February. Sure, naysayers would point out that the radio spot cost more money to produce than the profits it created for the hospital. But the way Emory sees it, the campaign has brought more recognition to the hospital's cardiology services. The only problem is that nearby for-profit hospitals have taken notice and are beginning to respond. [Read More]
California hospital won't go down without a fight
When a letter-writing campaign encouraged a financially challenged California hospital's sale to a private organization, the hospital's parent company responded with a campaign of its own--cue the power of marketing. Menifee Valley Medical Center, in Sun City, has launched an advertising and public relations campaign in an attempt to keep its doors open. Even though the hospital board voted to sell the hospital (along with the rest of the district's hospitals) local voters turned the sale down. The parent company filed for bankruptcy reorganization shortly after--hey, you can't win 'em all--but says the hospital's future is bright. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
An Imaginative Campaign
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Patients must sometimes use their imagination when a cardiologist describes the heart procedure they are about to undergo. But St. Mary Medical Center's "Imagine (Heart)" campaign's 30-second TV spot actually shows potential patients three of the complex procedures the hospital's doctors perform. [Read More]
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5/29/08: Healthcare branding: Advanced strategies to overcome common challenges

10/15/08: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, Chicago

10/16/08: HealthLeaders Media Top Leadership Teams, Chicago

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From HealthLeaders Magazine
Your Hospital, the Entrepreneur

Forget those fixed-income investments. Many organizations are funding early-stage healthcare ventures that can yield not only healthy financial returns, but also improved efficiencies and better quality care. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Replacing Service Line with Segment Line: Service line strategies, physician integration efforts, and millions of dollars in capital investments have failed to produce market-changing increases in volume. At best, your organization has kept pace. What you need is significant and sustained top-line revenue growth. But how can you achieve it? [Read More]
Audio Feature

Kathy Divis, president of Greystone.Net, an Internet consulting firm based in Atlanta, talks about how hospitals can use different new media methods to reach out to medical staff and referring physicians and talks about the latest online trends that hospitals are using to engage all physicians. [Listen Now]
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